Ways to develop/tune in your intuition - Suggestions Welcome! :)

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm looking for ways to know how to unlock, tune in and/or develop my intuition. Many times i am not sure if its my intuition talking, my imagination running wild with tons of thought or something else. Not very sure. How can i learn to be able to "listen" to that inner voice? Thanks 🙂

  • Hi sagibaby

    I too am learning of this,I have read that there are many ways to develop it, I'm sure lots of others on here who have been doing this will give you some excellent ways of developing it, I have been learning to "listen to mine by focussing on my "feelings" in my gut when maybe asking yourself questions or maybe in any situation, we will always be receiving information from our higher self to steer us in the right direction, some may have those feelings in their gut like I do, others could "feel" it in their chest or head etc, I suppose it's like anything in what we want to achieve we have to practice it, and with setting our intention and focus on it we eventually do start to tap into thin invaluable tool....

    I wish you much success on this wonderful journey of tapping into yours and aiding you too have a more enriched life by listening to it!!

    love and blessings too you,


  • Ooops...typo error, the word thin should be "this"...lol

    ( I must be focusing a lot on releasing extra weight)...lol

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