I'd like more info on the Venus Retrograde Please..

  • Hi Grungychick!

    No, disregard anyone who tries to tell you that---lol ! We all make our own choices. Any time you hear the word retrograde anything ..... just think Re: As in re-new, re-commit, re- visit etc. If you're concerned, you can always look at anything as a general heads-up, ya know? Read up on the general meaning of whatever planet is Rx - ing and work out the 'Re' part for your relationship and what it may concern. Venus is 'close' to us so it moves quickly, as far as a planet goes, ; ). I often look to the sky to see what may also be influencing the planet of concern. It helps to get a larger picture.

    I just Re-Learned a Lesson ..... All will Be as it Should. Don't worry and go with life's flow.



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