• I need advice bad ! please after 20 yrs , I started dating again my husband died in 1986 . The man was someone I dated before my marriage . He "chased " Me for 4 yrs before I relented . during this time he was married main reason I wouldn't then after 2 yrs he called me and told me his wife left him they were divorcing , Anyway we dated .. he ran hot cold hot ..said he didn't want marriage which is fine with me . He would get mad at me , I would get mad at him silly stuff . This last one was a the breaker He started his vacation never told me then when I found out I was hurt and angry . I thought I meant more to him , when I asked him why he didn't tell me , he said because he wanted to spend alone time .. we have spent 3 of his vacations together in the last year . Anyway I ASSUMED it was to be with someone else he's always talking about a married co-worker whose in her 40's she calls him 4 or 5 times a day text all .. Anyway i deviate . We had a great relationship , we had similar thoughts said things at the same exact time enjoyed the same things . I knew when he was thinking about me knew when he was going to call . I just need to know if I should go back with him or just chalk it up to another lesson learned ? My birth date 9/26/55 his 6/07/49 Please help me .. My heart is so broken

  • I think you should listen to that "inner voice" inside you, he is showing all the signs of not being dependable and sounds like a player to me, who wants to play and not have any responsibilities after. I say to you Tsss55, you sound like a wonderful person and don't settle. You are getting the signs now from the Universe, don't set yourself up to get hurt later. I think if you wait you will meet someone who is better for you. This person is probably not going to ever change and why be a notch on his belt?

    You deserve better, he may be exciting but that may be all. Good Luck!

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