For Captain, Please a compatibility reading

  • Dear Captain,

    Can you please do a compatibility reading for me and my husband.

    My birthday is February 19th, 1983 and his birthday is Augst 8th, 1976.

    Thank you in advance...

  • Flower, this relationship can be extremely honest, not in the sense of obeying moral imperatives but simply of being relaxed enough to allow for openness. Both of you are guarded types who don't easily grant admittance to your private emotional worlds, yet your relationship has an ambiance in which you can share feelings comfortably. At the same time, it also augments both of your tendencies to indulge in flamboyant activities that hide the sensitive and perhaps wounded individual within. One problem here then is that you two may get stuck together in a well of loneliness, depression, or addiction from which it may be difficult or impossible for you to extricate yourselves.

    A love affair - when it's on - can be highly sensuous and enjoyable. There is a relaxed orientation on the physical plane. But the relationship can easily get out of balance, and some effort may have to be exerted to maintain its psychological stability, which is crucial for its success. Marriage will be even more difficult until you have known each other long enough to be sure of an acceptable level of mental health together. As a working team you two can be quite ambitious together, for you both have an intense need to prove yourselves.

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