Aquarius men what do they like?

  • How does one win the heart of an aquarious male? likes diskiles please

    And do they get along with Pisces?


  • You may have more luck with this on the astrology forum as opposed to the tarot forum, FYI

    As a Pisces myself, I stay far far FAR away from Aquarians. But that's just me.

    Aquarians, above all, desire freedom. The freedom to create their own rules. Never expect them to be conventional in any way. They are attracted to the new, the future, the bizarre, the unconventional, anything that will shock or offend another. They love new technology.

    They dislike emotions more than anything. Don't expect a cuddle buddy. Don't require emotional support. Emotions repel them. They dislike rules and regulations, and will go out of their way to bend or break any rules imposed on them. Mutual freedom is what they prefer. They are attracted to the concept of friendship. Be their friend and they will want you. Don't have any expectations, or if you do, keep them to yourself. That is the best advice I can give.

    Be warned of this: Every Aquarian I know is a million times nicer, more generous, and overall more charming to aquaintences or people they have just met than to close friends or family.

  • wow thanks this does help


  • Its hard to catch an Aquarius, If you really like this guy be his friend first get him to trust you and be out going. Aquarius love being out doors. Its not easy but be patient. I am trying to win the heart of a Pisces male its been six months and he confuses me I don't understand him 😞

  • Aquarius men can be multidimensional and constantly adapting to new situations. Never boring. Very friendly and outgoing. They have a mind of their own. If you want him, just keep going to places where he likes to go. Buddy system works well.

  • I know three aquarian men that are in the milirtary..conventional and love it!!!!! No man is determined by a sun sun..and not sorry really...they are all unique...if you are inclined to reading some books about a guy and not slowly gettin to know him. Proof in that the sun signs are not all it is the fact that each person has a numerology life path number....if a sun sign like freedom but they are a life path 4 ...they like rules and order...they likme its really going with the flow and getting to know a guy and not TRYING its when you try to please that you are acting just because you think its what ones wants not what you are, then the relationship falls later down the road when you act yourself because the true self wants to be....Nature and nurture also is important. If you study astro....there is vedic astro as well and that Theory discribes how the previous and post sun sighns are your true which one..hpow about alll-we all contain each qualities of the zodiac in certain measurments....the balance is our life path , passions, nature and nurture......Be yourself and give selflesssly...divine love and attract what you resonate, so what ever your intentions are is what you get...if your actions are not true to your higher will recieve the same demeanor in return

    Take care


  • I have a life path number 4 but i can be very unconventional in my approach to life. While I do appreciate structure, I can also be very spontaneous especially when it comes to love. I would note here however that I do have Mars in Aquarius.

  • Exactly you see it all those zodiac things and numerical things are not the way to determine a father was aquarius..I knew him for 15 years before he passed and he is not like the zodiac sign.....") Any relationship should be natural, if you have to bend and change its not divine.

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