New to Tarot

  • Hello... I recently found an old deck of Tarot de Marseilles that belonged to my grandmother. I was always fascinated by them as a child, but I never understood how they worked until recently. I joined this forum to gain more insights into the meanings/mythology of the cards. My favorite card is the High Priestess. She represents all that I aspire to be. Right now I am somewhere between The Hermit, and Death. They keep turning up in every reading I have done for myself lately.

  • Welcome!

  • Welcome! I'm still fairly new here myself although I've been working with and researching the Cards for twenty years...

    How wonderful that your deck was your grandmother's and that it's the Tarot de Marseilles, one of the oldest known decks. If you can master that deck, then you're well on your way down the Royal Road of Tarot.

    Do you have a good, reputable Teacher or Mentor? Are you reading good, solid, factual, well researched books on the subject? These are important questions to answer at the beginning.

    All the best to you and you will find some wonderful souls on this Forum. Peace.

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