Quick question for The Captain

  • Hey Captain,

    Again, thank you for the reading you did for me.

    I have a quick question for you… I have been, I guess watched is the best word for it, by hummingbirds for a little over a month. They keep popping up - I've even been "eye-balled" twice for 10+ seconds at a time. I can't figure out what it could mean, if anything.

    Any insights would be great – cuz it just happened again to me! 6 times and counting!



  • The hummingbirds will have a special meaning for you which is why they were sent. What do they represent to you? Perhaps someone who is 'flapping' around at a million miles an hour trying to do too much and must slow down? 🙂

  • Thanks Captain! That would make a lot of sense…

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