Planet Peel

  • Welcome all perspectives upon this spread

    1: Earth- The World

    2. Moon- Knight of Wands

    3. Sun- Ace of Disks

    4. Mercury-King of Wands

    5. Venus-6 of Disks

    6. Mars- 8 of Wands

    7.Jupiter-3 of Wands

    8. Saturn-7 of Swords

    9. Uranus-5 of Swords

    10. Neptune-Page of Disks

    11. Pluto-King of Swords

    12. environment-8 of wands

    13. environment-Page of Swords

    14. Advise-Moon

    Here on the battle ground we call earth things are in motion ending and begginning, change is a constant. The moon has a dramatic pull on our actions this week as the sun begins it's new period through leo. Mercury continues to be the forerunner in our communicative actions while Venus is generous in our romantic affairs. Mars is positioning to bring furthur action as Jupiter sets us in motion with the will to take us to the next level as Saturn gives us the tools necessary to do just that. Uranus connects our intellect in the utility of defeat. Neptune causes us to respond to our desires. Pluto facilitates our intellect with a mysterious authority. The universe is working in our defense as the Divine Higher Power reminds us to follow our dreams.

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