My nephew is missing

  • My sister sent me a message today that her 16 year old had run away from hom.e. His name is Phil and he is pretty troubled. Got into drugs after a friend commmited suicide. His father has also been emotionaly abusive and distant his whole life. Can anyone see where he may be and if he will return home soon? Thanks for the help.

  • Terribly sorry about your nephew missing, i hope he turns up safe and sound i will keep him in my prayers for you, and hope that soon someone else from the forum would be able to help you.

    good luck and keep thinking positive thoughts and to keep an open mind.

    Lots of love


  • cathylee as i read your tread i was getting a name fuller then a young man setting own a curb smoking and with a toboggan own his head and a jacket own i wondered about that it being summer here in Texas but then as i thought about where and it seemed setting own the curb own the corner of fuller and chapel i sometimes get things maybe just maybe this might be anyway i hope he will be Ok Tooter

  • cathylee...Please know my prayers are with you, your sister and your nephew. There is so much pain and worry we parents go through when our children are missing. I suspect your nephew will be home by nightfall or your sister will hear from him. This young boy is hurting and he needs professional help to assist him on how to deal with his pain. Most kids get involved in drugs to try and escape when they do not know how to deal with their feelings. He needs to know he is not alone and what he is feeling is temporary and normal grief process. When he returns wrap him in love! Please let us know the outcome.

    ~Blessings and love~

  • Cathylee, is there a railroad track near his home? As I read your post I envisioned a railroad track but he isn't on the track, he seemed to be near it. I know this isn't much help. When we were kids we had what we called forts that weren't far from the tracks by our home. The area I saw felt like that, like it was familiar to him, kind of wooded but not far from access by road or the tracks. Perhaps it is a place he and his lost friend used to hang out. I give out what I see, it may not be right but I hope it helps. Perhaps Delbert has a better focus on this one. In any case will keep your nephew and family in our prayers hoping for his safe return home soon.

  • I see the number 3--pretty sure it's within 3 days rather than weeks you will get contact. I also get the place he is is connected to a B name--like Brookville--or brook bridge--sounds like a street name--community name or could even be a last name. Brookridge? Sounds close to that. He's not far. Hiding out but can't maintain that long. He's on a short binge. When he comes back your sister should be opened armed as he is full of anger that needs redirection or he will turn on himself. Emotions run high in the household--big explosions then remorse. His mother must remain cool headed long enough to start a intervention plan that is safe and enforceable by law. She cannot control him and he is a danger to himself but this can pass with help. Mother has fear issues that keep her from enforcing healthy boundries--passes this on to son. She's afraid to go outside for help. She starts out with the intentions but lets fear race in her head and doesn't follow through. Every state has a law that helps families deal with loved ones who are a danger to themselves. She must call or go online and look up the law for her state. In Florida it's called the Marchman act. He needs non punishment but forced court ordered drug treatment and counseling. She should gather all this info then when he is calm show it to him in a way that does not threaten but gives the message that he must get help or she will make the call--he will believe it if he sees the effort in black and white and be ticked but relieved to finally have a boundry that is real as he really does hate being so out of controll. If she does not start the process he will be in the system anyway as I see him getting arrested. If this happens before she can get him in on voluntary she should not freak as it will be a blessing despite the expense and stress. He can't see any way out of his intense pain and the death of his friend has brought to the surface the deep wound of abandonment he feels from his father. This crises has the opportunity to heal as he needs to get it all out there but in a way he can handle otherwise he uses drugs to go numb. Tell your sister not to take personal anything he says during his lashing out process as his anger is misdirected. His mother gathers pain (has guilt issues) herself and she could end up feeding her own wounds off of his pain--that is why he needs outside help--something strong and bigger than the both of them. I see he is really very smart and talented with words. Creative and insightfull. Half his battle is breaking away from the friends he's attracted to right now--they allow him to be his darker self. In a college setting he would flouresh. Needs a creative class with no stress but a place to express his pain in constructive artful ways and form new friendships. Because communication is an issue between mother and son right now you can tell mother to speak through his Guarding Angel at night or to invision a chord running from her heart to his head and saying all she wants him to really hear and give him advice that way. Blessings. PS--his mother needs to put more energy into her own health--take care of herself better--be a mother to herself in a kind and nurturing way. It will help him as well.

  • Blmoon sure glad you chimed in, going on what i see is like looking in the fog but it's a beginning. Hope everything turns out great and he is home safely soon.

  • Wow thaanks so much everyone Bmoonand morningglow you were so right about things. He did show uo at his home this evening and it was 3 days after he took off. He drove to the Baltimore area. I hope they work things out soon. My sister is a city clerk so she can check out the laws in her state pretty easily. Again thank you all for your concern and prayers. Bless you

  • how about next time call the cops? just a minor suggestion

  • Glad to hear he made it home safely.

  • His parents called the cops of course. Again thanks for the help

  • cathylee...Thank you for giving us feedback and that he is home and safe. Hopefully through the love of his mother and other friends and family members he will get the help he so badly needs. You are a wonderful aunt and sister to seek assistance. I hope you gained conmfort as well knowing we are all here to offer assistance and support. ~Blessings to you and your loved ones and I will continue to pray for your nephew~

  • cathylee i am glad he is home and if there is anything i can do let me know i have been there Tooter

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