Need a reading :(

  • I have been visiting these forums religiously, and love all the discussions!

    And now I got a question, I know this guy for more than a year..I like him just as a friend but I think he likes me more than a friend 😞 If it's more than friendship then i'll have to step back and hide in my shell. I fear losing this awesomely nice friend 😞 If someone could plz give me a reading, I would really appreciate that. If not, I'll keep coming back like Herpes 🙂

  • go on fascade tarot online and do one yourself i think they are very accurate. and free 😛 good luck.

    p.s i havehad male friends taht want me more then a freind when i dont fancy them and the best advic eof that is dont do anythig to lead them on always make it known hes a friend maybe by calling him"mate" or buddy or whatever 😉 and suggest girls he could date anythign like that will get the message over, and eventually he will get a girlfriend, dont worry

  • thanks a lot. It really helped!

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