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  • In School or Religion, They never taught Us The Importance Of Peace, Introspection Nor Humbleness which are a few essentials we NEED to aqquire in every life especially in this

    time where our loved ones are In debt, out of work, sick ect. It can really put a weight on our minds

    and stress us out.. So its important to be able to be Humble, Introspective and Peaceful.

    Sometimes we stress our selves out trying to take care of Everything, Trying to make sure Everything goes right, Everyone's Satisfied and I had a friend who used to be just like that.

    Trying to please everyone, On time to each event. Helping everyone, Planning each day carefully.

    And I 've always been a firm believer In the power of God and his plans, and I told him

    one day as he was trying to plan out our day .. I told him I dont plan my days GOD does,

    If I re-planned his plans I'd be ruining his plans which are fate's plans. Sometimes we try

    so hard to make things perfect but all along those are god's plans as well but we put so much

    energy into it, and we're moving so fast.. It turns out otherwise, when what you're really suppose

    to be doing is being escorted , imagine being on a plane you doing try to fly the plane

    No! you simply pay your ticket and ride.. and expect to get to your destination on time.

    Well thats what gods plans are In my believe sometimes we have to go through Hell to

    get to heavan its apart of the journey and most of all apart of the lesssons and even more

    important the strength you gain from it.

    To be Humble, Peaceful & Introspective Is to be open to all possibilities knowing

    thier apart of divine connections and that its to reach a higher purpose somehow.

    If your closed minded to possibilities, Your closed minded to your blessings.

    And I know this may sound like So Easy and From experience I know that Its NOT.

    But results are always worth it, i always say the Harder the work the greater the Pay.

    If your struggling, out of work, bad relationship breakup, ect. Pray about it.. It dosent have to be a

    begging for mercy prayer, SImply talk to god as if That spirit is with you, Usually when i pray or write since some people feel more comfortable then I talk as if Im talking to a friend, letting go of my deepest fears and thoughts and believe me this process works but ALWAYS remeber what you choose to say because spirit hears everything! The tongue is very powerful, But by speakling on it verbally because words are energy, your allwoing that energy to now LEAVE your mind which is strangling your thoughts and now go out unto the unvierse.. Speak positive and positive will Return unto you, Vise-Versa. and things goes with everything.. from conversations with your girls, over the phone ect. Believe me and If your looking for peace talk about it verbally.. You will notcie in a week or so these things and opportunities being manifested in your life.

    I dont wanna write a whole essay lol, Just a little advice . And if some of you may feel uncomfortable speaking about your problems on public boards I completely understand so there for I decided im gonna offer some of my time to best advice you, even if you dont want

    advice maybe you just wanna vent about something, share a secret, or relationship problems

    you can email me and I promise to give my honest advice and keep between the both of of, you can even write anoyumus.

    Blessings and Hugs.

  • Just to add I put the title to get you guys attention! lol sorrryy...

  • I send you a email just now 🙂

  • Dear Addictdtoriches,

    I can relate to your post very much you described me to a tee when you wrote about your friend who is always trying to please everbody ,it becomes so exhausting after awhile it can really drain your energy ,it has taken me to until i turned 40 years of age to say enough is enough now i please who i want but more importantly myself . I was a very pessamistic person always expecting the worse in situations full of doom and gloom ,not no more only positive energy for me, now i am a real optimist i pray to God , Jesus ,Archangel Sandolphon( who has been a great help to me with controlling my worrying ) as i would worry about anything and everything .I also believe that words do put out energy to the universe as well , ever since i have been surrounding my self in whitelight and sending positive affirmations to the universe my life has turned around completely ,i am the happiest that i have ever been and i am enjoying life to the full and i am so grateful for everything that i have in my life . Many blessings 2u Lilac

  • lilacrose,

    Im so happy to hear that, Thats great.

    I think we all come to a point in our lives where we decide

    to make that change, I can feel that you are a very strong willed person

    with alot of ambition. Its the strong willed people that dont give who seem

    to have the hardest times, you ever notice ? but the girl/guy who never seemed to try so hard seemed to have everything and be so perfect, and like myself also

    And I can definetly relate because before I went through that transition

    I was trying to help the whole world, and It came a time when I was alone with myself

    and not helping anyone because they were gone on..happy ya know lol ?

    and I'd ask myself what am I supposed to do now ? Who should I be helping..

    and the person who needed the biggest help and nuturing was ME,

    and I forgot how to do that, So It is definetly important that we take god guidance

    because I promise you, No one can love you and Guide you better than God,

    In my eyes we're all GOD'S/GODESS The spirit that you speak to is your higher self.

    When things get to choatic in reality your souls eyes become blind therefor

    you must stepback and introspect.

    Many Blessings.

  • Dear Addictdtoriches,

    I know where you are coming from before i had my kids i was always at everyones beck and call i didnt have the heart to say no,i would drive people around everywhere and do anything they asked (within reason of course) basically i was a doormat., im a number 2 in numerology a peacemaker, im not a very confrontational person.I was watching Oprah one day and she had some expert on there and they were discussing how that when you reach 40 you get a point in your life when you have had enough of everyone elses crap, and you say the word no more freuquently ,i can really relate to this im now 41 and i am totally over alot of things that seem very trival , of course im always there for my family and friends if they ever need help with important issues, but now i put the needs of my kids and my immediate family first .I find that there are never enough hours in the day for me as i have a toddler under my feet as well as running around the other kids to and from school and activities and trying to keep on top of the housework, so i allow myself 15 minutes before bed to pray and meditate, i know it doesnt seem like much time, but it has made a huge difference to my life, im more calm at ease with myself amongst the chaos,like i said before the worrying has stopped. I feel that all this positve change has defiantly happend by connecting with my higher self .

    Thanks for listening Love and Blessings Lilac 😄

  • Sent you and email, addictdtoriches hope you get it 🙂 im kind of desperate at the moment!

    Lots of love


  • I would love to have a reading, Thank-you d

  • please can i have a reading.

    I am a female and i would like a reading on this guy i recently started dating please i would like to know where it is going. thanks

  • Hi-

    I am looking for any insight anyone can give me here. I (bd 8/11 -) recently started dating (so to speak) this cancer male (bd 6/24) a little over a month ago. The only reason I say/know we are dating is because he called me his girlfriend. Which, I am not complaining, however, I don"t FEEL like his girlfriend....I think actions normally speak louder than words, and unfortuanely the words between us have become fewer and fewer. I understand in the beginning of a relationship it"s all new and you tend to talk/text more, but he is able to go a few days with out contacting me. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? I don't want to seem needy or overbearing, so I just let him be.. and then he'll just text me like we chatted 5 minutes ago.. I am like ???? Also, let me mention that I work days and he works nights so the communication for us is a little trickier than normal situations. Plus, we each have our own kids. I think one problem I am having is I want to know if this is a real relationship or if I am just wasting my time. (Can you tell I have trust issues?) However, I do not want to seem insecure to him by asking where we stand. I have read on numerous sites how Cancer men retreat, and do not show their feelings that well at times, have a difficult time opening up, etc..... Can anyone give me any advice/insight? Am I going crazy or is this normal for the Cancer sign?

  • RedLeo,

    I feel you two expected completely two different outcomes of what the relationship

    would be.. However This is fresh.. So its up to you what you choose to happen,

    First of all When In relationships you have to tell people how to treat you

    or how you expect things to be done [gently of course] Its a relationship

    and its fresh! you need to communicate to him how you feel on the situation.

    Right now your not sounding needy, your sounding like a cry baby..

    Im sorry but you need to tell him how you feel otherwise he wont know..

    we have to teach people how to treat us. you cant complain about it, if your not putting in the effort. You will come to find out he is feeling the same way, Hes understanding

    so dont worry about saying the wrong thing, just talk it through.


  • Dear addictdtoriches,

    Are you defiantly doing readings on this thread ?If so i would love one on life in general please ,if its not to much trouble my dob is 27-4-69 in case you need it .Thanks many blessings 2u Lilac

  • Hi addictdtoriches i would like a reading if you have the time, their is this man that i cant stop thinking about and i feel that i love him and that me and him will become lovers his name is Ricardo will he become my lover? I will appreciate anything you tell me. My date of birth is May 2,1993

  • Thanks for writing this Addy, its been awhile that i have talked to you...I'm Turning 50 next month and you wrote exactly what I'm going through, its a beautiful place to be, yet somewhat foreign.I'm pretty sure you know what I mean:) Just wanted to SAY HI AND THANKS..

    Hugs Sheila

    Peace,Light,and love

  • I would like to have a reading pls.It would be a great help.thanks!

  • May I have a reading? it's mainly concerning my career (or lack there of). I am not sure what to do anymore and am beginning to feel hopeless...thanks....

  • I would love you to do a reading for me if your time permits. Birthday 5/7/55 I am in need of a job. Love life is broken. What can you tell me? Thanks in advance for your help

  • Very good Addicted! You hit on the spot completely. Going within and listening to what God or your higher power is trying to tell you is right on. It's all about sitting back and taking it as it comes. When you started the Intuition helped me tremendously to start trusting myself. That thread really was a boost to acknowledging myself and my thoughts as being valid. There has been so much change for me over the last six months and I have found so much peace in my life. I spend regular time in meditation now and that was something that I never did. So...I just wanted to drop in and tell you thank and send many blessings to you! Wonderful thread!

  • I would like a relationship reading at your convenience. Thank you!

  • You Guys,

    Im sorry You guys must had'nt have read the first post

    stating this was'nt for readings it was just mostly for

    people going through things and advice giving in return

    using my intuition as best as possible to help you through your troubles

    which is alot different from a reading, Im sorry & I was even somewhat kind enough

    to give readings to those who emailed me, Unfortuately I've been very

    busy with my modeling and work more than I expected, However

    If you still need advice I can try my best to squeeze in some of my free time other wise I cant do readings which I dont expertise in, Its very time & energy consuming for my schedule.

    Im always glad to help those who are going through troubles though.


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