Captain had to tell you that I talk with Stevie

  • Hello Captain

    I talked with Stevie today about 5hours we talked about a lot things. And he told me why when I first called him why he actted the way he did. And I told him why I just like left. And that felt good and he told me that he was ready for us to really try and take this a step up from being friends. And I want that so we may get together some time this week he is in Alamaba doing a show tonight. He told me a lot of things about him that I did not know. Our talk was very open. And I really think this was the time for us. I just had to tell you about me talking too him.

    Have a wonderful weekend


  • Good for you - I hope you find happiness.

  • I think maybe this will work. I am not going to rush into anything. I am just going to enjoy the moment and if anything becomes of this then I will be ready and if not then I will have some really good mermony of us together.


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