Am I wasting my time?

  • Hi, I'm Jayne and DOB 26/10/1970. The person I need advice on has a DOB of 26/10/1968.

    Am I wasting my time waiting for him? Is he in my future? Will he forgive the hurt I caused that created the breakdown of our friendship?

    Many thanks for any insight that anyone may be able to give me.

    Jayne xx

  • jayneisstrong I am not a reader but i do know that it takes along time to build trust and a relationship and one thing or action can tear it apart ,i would suggest that all you can do is to see the true nature of the wrong own you part understand it and the why of it why you chose to do it get to the root of it and then see what you need to do to correct it and make amends were needed and making true amends means doing it with out expectations in return and also true amends means you understand the exact nature of the wrong .

    If i steal the peace of mined by my actions in a relationship i am a thief if i lose the trust of a friend by my actions i am a thief and if i walk into a den of rattle snakes having knowledge of how they react to danger i will probably get bit sooner or latter.

    Jayne if i can help you understand this better or more just holler Tooter

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