Did he ever love me?

  • I was dating a guy recently and he told me he loved me and wanted to build a life with me. Things were great for 2 months, we did everything together, had fund cutting up, had intelligent conversations, made many future plans to be together til we died, build a business together, etc. I used my 401k funds to help him get back on his feet, purchase a car, pay fines so he could get his license back, and funds for product purchases for the business all of which he promised to pay me back. Soon after he got the car he started changing, he started arguments, fussed and complained, told me I was causing him stress because I was creating bs. A month and $16k later he finally crossed the line, calling me alot of bad names, saying alot of bad things about me, and we broke up and told me he didn't get any money from me, that I didn't buy anything he did, and he didn't owe me anything. Since then I've found out that during the last 6 weeks we were together he was talking to his ex-girlfriend (even had sex) trying to get back together with her; and he was still with me telling me he loved me, he would never leave me, and he would never hurt me. He told his ex that we were not in a relationship, that I was gay (NOT!!!), that we worked together, he didn't sleep with me (yes, many times), and the most painfull to me....He never loved me. I also realized that, inaddition to $16K I loaned him, he took money from my wallet, took several pieces of jewelry, and I'm 99.9% sure he was drugging me. I've had long talks with his ex, confirming her suspicions that he was lieing to her and she stopped believing him.

    He had everything...my heart, my love, my devotion, my money, my home, anything he wanted. I didn't care about his past, his arrest record, past drug abuse, nothing mattered except how he made me feel like I was someone special and loved. I really thought that God had answered my prayers for a man that loved me and a family. He has 3 kids and 4 grand-kids and I don't have any of my own.

    I wish to know.... Did he ever loved me? Was he playing me from the start? Where is my missing jewelry? Will my dream ever come true?

    Please help heal my broken heart.

  • unluckynluv,i think you already have the answers to all of those questions...he was a horrible manipulative man and i am so very sorry you had to go through this,i can tell that your a very nice woman. and im pretty sure he may have taken your jewellery and sold it. i think you should get the law involved he cannot get away with this!. anyways,as cliche as this sounds its true,there really is somebody for everybody sometimes it just takes abit longer to find that somebody. always go with what your heart says and i really do hope you finally find a good husband.

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