Hey i need a tarot reading plz

  • I need a tarot reading i need to know what;'s going on in my life and if you can do one for me please. i can put the info here for multiple reasons.but if you can give me a reading plz pm. i'm worry.. :x thank you..

  • there is no pm system on these furoms but i can still try to give you a reading. the 4 of wands,the chariot and the high priestess. what i get from these cards is that there is something you desire. regardless of whether or not this is a job,career,relationship,marriage,ect,ect,ect i believe the message is dont just sit there waiting for something to happen because only YOU can make it happen.you just have to get off your ass and try(i just used naughty language lol). and the high priestess is telling you to listen to your heart.

  • wow don't you need my birthday or name? lol that was weird.. unless i wanted to for honest respond. all i wanted to know is my love life how wil lthat trun out to be with the person i love and care about..

  • Galaxywarriers....I am starting to do readings and don't need that information either. I think the more experienced you are you can probably gleen more information but I know as a newbie...it doesn't add anything for me yet! :0)

  • All i see, all i want to know is what will happen between me and this girl. that's all i need to know like i want and exact answer because im confuse 😞

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