Physic/voodoo lady told me some stuff

  • a physic im very familuiar with and love deerly ...that seen me grown from a baby till now..told me some shocking news 2 weeks ago...she been very accurant with her readings that she told me before..but this reading its hard for me to belive....can anybody here tell me something

    p.s i want to believe her so much but i just think what she told me is not true

  • Hi Angie,

    I'm not a psychic. Not yet anyway. However, I'm very gifted with taro. Can you tell me the spread? Do you remember the cards in the order they were drawn? To help translate the reading, it is key in order to have another interpretation of the same cards. Everybody reads a little differently depending on there education and training, and to some extent there spiritualism. I can sense your stress, I'm empathic. I have never got a read from a posting before, till now. I'd like to try to interprete those same cards, for you if you can remember. I believe you do, by the amount of stress its caused you. Right?

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