• Hi everyone!

    I gave myself a 5 card spread earlier tonight and am still not quite getting the hang of interpreting the cards, so I would appreciate anyone's insight. There is a man I am interested in, though I am doubtful because he is much younger than I am; I inquired the cards as to what could happen and I got:

    the empress (r)

    3 of cups

    the sun (r)

    8 of cups

    the fool

    Can someone please help me?! It seems like it's a good reading, but what should I do?

  • 100sprinkles

    Just wondering, what do the cards represent in the spread?

  • yeah each card is the card for each particular question. So when you pull a card, ask " what he thinks of me" "next one "what I think of him" "where the relationshiop is headed" "possible blocks" "guidance" "probable outcome.

    then look up the individual meaning of each card

    "The Tarot Bible" by Sarah Bartlett is in my opinion THE best interpretaion of tarot you can buy

    or if you want an online interpretation try

    good luck

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