• Hello Gwalchmai60 ~

    Welcome to the forum! I see you are new to the forum and I have no doubt you will receive many requests to do readings! Lol! I would very much like to request for you to do a reading for me, but right now I am intrigued with the challenge you presented in another thread : "If you can discover what gwalchmai means and how it's evolved, you will know my given first name." I am a bit tired and my brain is working a bit slow today, lol, as we were up all night walking at the relay for life but I decided to pop on the forum for a few minutes before getting some zzz's! My son saw me sitting at the computer a bit puzzled and asked me what I was thinking so intensly about so now he is also intrigued in solving the puzzle and together we just may figure it out!! Lol! Hmm...what is your name??? Ango-Saxon of Nordic descent, a viking....Our initial query came up with "hawk", Gavin, "wain", maybe in Wayne or Dwain... but there seems to be more to this puzzle?? Lol! Anyway, unless someone beats us to it, maybe we (yes, we as in my son and I working together) can figure this out, then maybe you could do a reading for me?? Lol!

    For now, off to get some zzz's...then we can take a look at it after we have rested a bit! Lol!

    Talk to ya soon....Have a beautiful day my friend 🙂

    ps. neither my first or last name is danr but it does have a significant you know what it is??? Lol!

  • Hello Gwalchmai60 ~

    Ended up being a busy weekend so didn't get back to researching the name. Closest we got, I think, is Gavin, though there may be some variation in the "wain" as in Gawain Wayne or Dwain. So, are we close? Lol!

    Have a great day 🙂

  • Hi danr,

    poetic555 solved the "mystery" admirably. See her thread. You've done well yourself.

    Have a blessed day.


  • Hi Gavin,

    Can you do a reading for me....will i be with my old one or i will move on? will we be back?

  • I would be happy to read for you, but since I no longer read professionally, I do it whenever I have some spare time. There are a number of others ahead of you, so please be patient with me. Thanks.

  • OK, I hope you will find some time.

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