Flowers from my ex......a dream

  • Sometime about 2 weeks ago I had a dream concerning me and my ex husband.

    It went like this and I just can't get it out of my head!

    I walk off of a porch into a garden area. Some of the plants seems like someone has just dropped them off and they are half dead, but I remember thinking I will get to them later they are tall pink and purple but there is really no fertile soil around them. After I pass them my ex pulls up in a vehicle steps out, hands me a beautiful bunch of what I can only best describe as yellow mums. He then kisses me and turns to leave. As he does this I look for the flowers but I don't see them. There is then a group of red flowers that show up in a circle with a christmas tag on them only the tag seems to be worn. As he leaves and I start looking to where I place the flowers I see all sorts of flowers but there are beautiful white daises all over the place. Very bright and just beautiful. What does this mean? I can't seem to get this dream off of my mind. I felt happy in the dream. It is funny my ex used to give me flowers all the time.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • i guess this could mean your marriage was like a beautiful garden full of the most beautiful flowers but the garden wasnt being tended to..perhaps there were things the both of you could have worked on and problems you could have solved if the 2 of you just tried. your ex husband stepping out of the vehicle probably means hes thinking about coming back or atleast returning to make amends. do you still have contact with him?

  • Yes I do still have some contact with him though not that much.

    Interestingly enough however his mother has been calling me a ton lately! I mean over 8 hours in the last week including a 4 and hour one the other night! Its unusual!

    She keeps on saying I should make sure the house is clean, hows my job, get rid of my new husband, Brians wife is driving her crazy, she don't think they'll work out, yada, yada yada

    Its the same stuff that she used to tell me all the time that bugged him but I suffered from depression and did not act the way I should have or could have. I now realize what I should have done. I still love him, I've told her that. I just wonder what is going on? I am wonder what or who is possibly behind all of these calls. Something is going on and it doesn't have a negative feel even though she tells me oh he wouldn't go backwards and we wouldn't get together. I am almost wondering if there is some type of reverse pyschology going on? I don't know! I am terribly confused however! Tarot readings have him coming back and such I just don't want to think positive to be let down, clear thinking from others right now is needed desperately.

    Your interpretation makes sense to me btw, thank you! I think some of it could have been talked out and at one time it was a beautiful relationship!!

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