Help understanding my cards

  • ive had them for almost 20 years now this deck i mean. well my bf and i have been together a year and a half now and i was wondering what he future brings for us, he says he want to get a place together but his actions say other wise. when ever i bring up getting a place together he says he dont know when and this weekend he said he dont if he want to becuse hes afraid of being hurt. to me thats a lame excuse if i ever heard one i told him that and ended up hanging up on him crying cuse he has the whole whatever additude it pisses me off a lot and i tell him also. he says he loves me with all his heart but when i get seriuse he backs off big time. so i did a reading tryi9ng to figure out what is going on here. i did a 3 card spreed this is what i got.

    1st card the magician

    2nd card queen of swords

    3rd card knight of coins

    to me it looks like the magician is the past showing all the options and dicisions that he has to face. the queen warning us not to rush it make shure its what we want so we dont have any regrets then. the knight of coins means to me finaces are ganna play a major roll in this here..

    any advise would be great here

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