In need of a reading!

  • I have an option of going to court and facing trial, or the law making an offer (like probation or something) to my offender. If I go to court there's a pretty big chance that the jurors will not see my offender as guilty because lack of evidence. If that happens he'll be out of jail, a free man. And that would make me worried for my well being.

    I don't want to go to court and have my court appearance end up looking bad resulting in me not getting justice and facing trial for nothing and when I would of had to have so much strength to face the court as it is.

    I don't know what to do. I'm lost.

    Should I face trial, or just let the law make him an offer?

    I would really appreciate a reading for this matter and any insight would be helpful.

    Love & Happiness to all!

  • If needed my date of birth is February 19th, 1994 Born in Memphis, TN at 11:14 AM

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  • hi piscesgirl4life,i hope your well. the 3 cards i pulled for you were the 9 of swords,9 of wands and 8 of cups...i think the 9 of swords represents the pain your offender has inflicted on you and the 9 wands is how you feel as of now,your not certain. and the 8 of cups is you walking away from the whole situation. whether or not you want to go to court is up to you but i feel like it would probably be best if you do,not to help the case but to help you so you can move on. and whether or not he does plead guilty the judges upstairs still know what hes done so while he may not be legally guilty he will definetly be spiritualy guilty and his life will suffer. but dont think of it like that dear,you carrying all the extra baggage of this whole situation will not help you you need to move on with your life and let the universe take care of him. seek healing,pray,seek counciling,whatever you feel helps you.

  • Thank you so much Kageroninja!

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