The Abundance Broadcast

  • Our power is slowly returning in bits and pieces but I think there are those who could use a big immediate chunk of our combined power to heal their pretty desperate financial situations. I'd like to ask for volunteers (those who feel centred and energised enough to give to others) for an abundance broadcast to those who need a jolt in their finances (like long distance wellness healing but for prosperity). Once I have the volunteers, we can pick a date and time to unite to send a flow of green energy or money 'luck' to someone. We can even 'do' each other. It will only take a few minutes of your time for each broadcast but the more people who volunteer the stronger and more powerful the energy.

    Who will join me? Once the volunteers step forward, we can then ask for nominees to receive the abundance healing.

  • Count me in! I'll send whatever energies I can for everyone else and myself!

  • AB, I knew you'd be in it. 🙂

  • I would love to share in that. What a great idea, so many in need!

  • YEAH me too.....I am BROKE as a JOKE 😞

  • Count me in captain

  • bump!

  • I certainly want to be with all who do this...please count me in


  • This post is deleted!

  • I would definitely love to help on this! What a great idea, Captain!!

  • We'll get around to sending everyone who needs it some abundance energy. We can take say, five or so people who are really skint and send them energy once a day for a week and then get their feedback to see if their situation has improved.

  • I'm loving this!!...what a thrill to see peoples lives being more enriched!!, I know how powerful the energy can be when joined with others, looking forward to the start day 🙂

  • Astoundingly--in my situation (just extended my electric payment til the 29th--but they said no more extensions-- bank now moving to accept short-sale offer on my house--so I have 2 months left here, !) I still do feel pretty centered & able to join in! And YES--I'm SO skint--so I think sharing in the flow will be a good opening up for me! Not like I haven't been building & building & building foundations-& streams--they just haven't been in-flowing yet! In a strange way--I've had this "knowing" that til I was free of the "old" (this house I got to tend my Mom in--part of that) the flow wouldn't open up!

    So I'd like to offer myself as GIVER & RECEIVER!

  • BUMP!

  • haven't been on for weeks. Had been having a challenging month. Business has been down and brink on closing. Usually go to participated topics first but for some reason had the urgency to check latest discussion and this thread was the first thing that jumped at me. Another great thread Captain. I just got my car repossessed and got a pre-foreclosure notice on our family's house. I just need a boost in our business which I barely have three clients and in brink of closing that too. I've been marketing and asking for help from placement agencies but none so far. Need an abundance boost, where do I sign up captain?

  • I'm in ..... If you give then you shall receive

  • Wonderful idea once again, Captain. This is a thread I want/need to be a part of!

    I'll be here!!!!!!

    Thanks 🙂


  • Hi Captain, great idea, I'm willing to help if I can but pretty sure I need to be on the receiving end as well. Let me know what I can do.

  • I'm in !

  • I am inexperienced in the sending out energy part, but I have total belief in the effects of it, have seen it work time and again in many different capacities. I do not know if I can be of much help, but you surely can count on my efforts. Personally, I am not desperately down, but am down some, but I have "enough" to get by on, but I have family members who could use some abundance in their lives what with losing jobs, etc. I have offered assistance, but personal pride steps in the way sometimes. Count me in Captain! This is wonderful and if I can do something to help, will surely be there. Let us know when and where! You are a wonderful person to be so generous to want to help others so much. Warms my heart in a seemingly heartless world of late. Thank You, Captain! {{{hugs}}}

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