• Hello Everyone!

    When I was new to the forum, I jumped on threads with a reading request because I was following the lead of others, as I did not know how the forum worked. I sincerely apologize for doing such and hope I have in no way offended or appeared disrespectful to any of the readers here! There really are no guidelines, or at least none that I've located, on how to request a reading. To those who are new to the forum, those who have been away for awhile and to those who do not know how requesting a reading works, I just wanted to share the following:

    Several readers have begun limiting the number of requests they will take at the start of a thread for several reasons and it is requested that everyone please respect the limits and the guidelines the reader has set in a particular thread. The readers on here give of their time freely and feel called to be of service, but the number of requests can become very overwhelming (especially for the newbie readers) and the readings do take quite a considerable amount of energy of the reader. By the reader stating the number of requests that will be honored, this allows them to do the very best readings they can without them feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the number of requests and then allows them the time they need to take a break and rest, so as not to become burnt out. This really is in the best interest for all !!! This recent approach to new threads allows the reader to be able to focus their energy on giving the best possible readings they can provide. This also keeps the thread "cleaner" for the requestee to locate their reading in the thread without having to scan through numerous pages, for the reader to find feedback of the readings which is a very useful tool for the reader in developing their skills and also for the reader and requestee to keep in touch with updates after completion of a reading or just check in to say hello. Another advantage of keeping a smaller more intimate thread is that a reader has priorities in their life that need their attention, (afterall they are human), or may just need to take a break and somewhere in the middle of a large thread they will state that they are unavailable to do readings at the present time, but that post somehow becomes lost as the thread gets larger with people continuing to add more and more requests. This can become very frustrating for you as a requestee, thinking you are being ignored when in fact the reader may not even be checking the thread at the present time and also frustrating for the reader as they may feel people are not respecting them and their request to have some time away. Like I stated earlier, limiting the number of readings in a thread is really to everyone's advantage!

    When you see a post in "latest discussions" I would encourage everyone to not jump to the last page and request a reading but to instead read the 1st post to see if it is a "limited" thread and then check to see if all the requests have been submitted. Also, I think people may be seeing a number and without reading the post, they think their are still spots left to make a request but please keep in mind, the readers are asking that the requestees number their request and the reader is using the requestees number to post the please, if you see a number, READ the post to see if it is a request or a reading! If the thread is closed, watch for the reader to start a new thread or you can always start your own addressed to a specific reader or to anyone that may be available. Again, please keep in mind that starting a thread addressed to a specific reader does not obligate the reader to do your reading, especially if they currently working on readings for a current thread!! Just as a thread can become overwhelming for a reader with the number of requests, so can numerous new threads addressed to a particular reader become overwhelming!

    It really is a matter of common sense, courtesy and respect! And....patience!! This really is a great forum! Let's please all work together to keep it that way by respecting one another!

    Thank you to all the wonderful readers who give so freely and lovingly of their time! You are very much appreciated and loved! And thank you to everyone for your understanding and working together to keep this forum such a great place!

    Blessings to All 🙂

  • Thank you for posting this danr.

    This NEW pattern has come about ever since I started a thread called Lack Of Respect, where in readers oldies as newbies could gather n debate what is the best way to satisfy everyone, both readers n requestees. IF that thread had not been brought about when i made it, i doubt the new pattern would have been born.

    So in case you wish to know more find the post Lack of Respect, read ALL pages in them bc yoi may be a requestee but u may also be a rookie reader. Further once ya done come on over to the HIGH HEELS CLUB n have fun.


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