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  • Hello Captain,

    I realize I have approached you numerous times this week-- and I greatly appreciate it---

    My sister has come to me today and informed me of a dire situation with our brother. He is in what seems a place in his life where, if he doesn't make changes, will inevitably kill him. I as his sister want to help immediately--- all I can think of is to reach out to him but I wonder if there is something more--- and I want to be able to do more--- Please help-- any information that can help about the demons he is battling or what can be done, his future, anything would be greatly appreciated.

    my brothers birthday January 2, 1973

    thank you so much,


  • Your brother needs to be encouraged to show his unusual side without fear of rejection or humiliation and to dare to be different. He has a brilliant mind and a great capacity for leadership if he doesn't give into his attraction to the dark side of life. The freedom your brother seeks is not a physical one but in his mind - setting himself free to express his real self is what he needs most of all. Stumbling blocks of this lifepath may include ruthlessness, amorality, and emotional repression. Your brother has difficulty articulating his thoughts and feelings so helping him to express what he needs will be vital to his health and growth. Learning detachment from his volatile emotions and from old set patterns of thinking (especially other people's thinking) will help him to apply his innate ability for healing others, and he must also release his tendencies towards jealousy and possessiveness. When he feels confident enough to express himself in his own unique authentic way rather than suppressing his unusualness, he will gain the self-respect that will command the admiration of others. He can become so obsessed with being heard, listened to, and understood that he defeats his own purpose of proving his integrity and intelligence, and just appears crazy. He is terrified of being thought of as stupid or foolish. He also suffers terminal restlessness and gets bored very easily. So he needs challenging stimulating work or else he turns to darker forms of 'entertaining' himself. The life of a freelancer or someone in a service profession where he can share his vision and caring for humanity would suit him best.

    During his childhood, your brother had this feeling that no one was 'driving the bus' and so, as an adult, he treats his life as if he is a security guard in a 24-hour convenience store - always on guard for trouble. Your brother craves an environment where he can feel safe, protected, cared for and where he feels he truly belongs. Your brother is feeling lost and very frustrated. He needs to find a goal beyond his scattered emotional needs and also let go of the idea that one special person - or group of people - can provide this safe place just because he thinks he needs it. By pursuing a goal that energizes him - finding his purpose in life - or by finding a set of principles or an ideal that builds his self-respect, he will develop feelings of belonging in whatever circumstances he finds himself. His challenge is to not allow his desire to be taken care of to lead him into an unending search for security. He can develop emotional dependencies on others, but he can never get enough outside reassurance to feel safe. Thus, he never gains the security he thinks he needs to be a capable adult and take charge of his life.

    He must find his purpose through using his brilliant mind or unique way of doing things to articulate and bring his visions to the world. He will have to employ the considerable determination he has in abundance and some patience too if he wants to receive the recognition he so sorely desires. Your brother can sometimes be rather shy and retiring due to his desire to hide his differences from others. Being somewhat conservative, even old-fashioned, he is ashamed of his eccentricity. If you can reassure him that it's fine, even wonderful to be unconventional and steer him into expressing his ideas and opinions in an authentic way, then he can celebrate his freethinking view of the world by becoming a harbinger of change and a leader in social or intellectual revolutions.

  • Hello Captain---

    I wanted to thank you once again for your generous and light filled wisdom-- I enjoy and appreciate your messages and insight.

    thank you for your commitment to this blog--

    Peace and love,


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