I hurt my taurus BF, what should i do to forgive me?

  • Hi I am new here, seeking for an advice...I have a Taurus BF, he went for business trip for 25 days. We are together for 1 month when he left.He just send me sms once and chat once too..when he was away. Yesterday, i had a chat with him and it turns well since he said that He miss me so much and he always think of me. He said that he never slept to anyone since the last day we were together. So, i was so overwhelmed and i got carried away, i told him how much i missed him ...and by mistakes ...i didnt know that he misinterpret what i told him...that yeah, me too I missed u alot even there's lots of temptations i still manage to be faithful with you. I went out with my friend for dinner date... then he get angry...he said i worked so hard and even never go out coz i care for you...he open up all his feelings towards me...he even mentioned everything when we make love ..that it is hard for him to leave me coz he wanted me to be close to him...he make sure that the last make love we did is something i would remember and be able to wait for him....but i got weak he said.i tried to explain him it was a dinner nothing happens...but he's mind is close...he said he will excuse himself coz he is very angry...he said ...will talk later... im so stupid!!! i thought he will understand me that its not all about what he thinks...i never cheat on him...and said sorry many times...PLEASE HELP !!!! I feel sorry that being honest with him. Im an Aquarian by the way !!!! thanks

  • lol they get like that haha.. just let him cool down. I cheated on my taurus boyfriend when i was younger, i was his first love.. he was superrrrr upset with me but i managed to keep him for a long time. He'll forgive you..they're very earthy. hence very emotional and value love etc a lot.

    Once he sees how sorry you are, he;ll come around. Just give him some space to calm down and wite hima very meaningful letter., he'll appreciate that.

  • *Write

  • oh by the way i'm an aquarius too.. with taurus moon 🙂

    how wierd hey, i think taurus guys really fall for aquarius girls hehe 🙂

    they just don't understand our elusiveness at times.

    my taurs ex used to get very possessive and protective of me. We're still friends to this day.. been friends for absolute years and they really do fall hard hey..

  • thank you so much Ethereal27, i feel much better now especially Your an Aquarian coz according to compatibility taurus and aquarians are both stubborn and it needs alot of hardwork to have a successful relations.

  • I'm glad you feel better, cause trust me, if i can win back my taurus after everything i had put him through, so can you ! I did not even write letters to mine, he always wrote leters and poems to me.. I used to be so cold towards him, and could see how hurt he would get, yet could not seem to settle for him.

    Taurus are really sweet and quite sensitive. If they truly fall for you, they won't give up on you. So the fact he felt hurt by what you said, it shows you really mean something to him..

    Just let him know in a genuine letter, how you feel. They love recieving letters and seeing the interlectual mind in a woman.

    I didnt end up with mine cause he just could not handle me at my worst. Goodluck 🙂

  • Ethereal27 thank you again...i really love him ...I'll keep an update what will happen to us. I know he is really upset and i hurt his feelings but on the other hand I know now he is serious with me after all what he said...thanks.

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