Need career & love reading please! Out of a job as of 7/30/10!

  • Dear Captain,

    My birth date is 02/11/1978. I am currently in a temp job which ends (or should I say ends for me) on 7/30/10. I have sent out my resume, but have not heard anything back yet. This leaves me a week to find a job and I am scared. I would like to know:

    • What are my strengths and weaknesses in a job?

    -What factors are holding me back from progressing and what can I do to bring about a better change?

    • What guidance or advice can you give me now on how to handle this current issues in my career?

    • What is the best step or course of action to take right now to ensure smooth working relations and environment?

    • What more can I offer or what aspect of me needs to be drawn out so that I can have more opportunities to shine, instead of shy away?

    • Will I get one of the jobs I have applied for soon?

    In my relationship. I am with a man who I love very much, but he is not easy to read and runs hot and cold. His date of birth is 09/20/1972. I know all the horoscopes say that we don't go together, but I see he loves me and I love him, but because of the hot and cold I wonder if we are going to last. I wanted to know:

    • How am I as a partner?

    • What am I good at with him and what are my weak points with him?

    • What is the current status of our relationship and what can I do now to avoid any sort of falling out in the near future?

    • Is any form of evaluation necessary right now?

    • Are there any underlying issues which should be addressed right away?

    • What are the best steps or course of action to take right now to strengthen the relationship I have with him?

    • what more can I offer or what aspect of me need to be expressed more for the good of thee relationship?

    • Is he cheating? Or is he in the near future? Or is this just in my head?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!

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