May I get a reading from The Captain RE: New Love

  • Hi Captain,

    I am new here and saw that you give readings if that is possible I would like to get some insight on my new boyfriend. A year before I met him a went and got a reading from a reliable medium/tarot reader and she told me that I would meet my soulmate/partner and gave me some personal details about what he would look like etc., I had just come out of a very stressful relationship. When I met him he had all the personal things that she had described and I've now and I'm crazy about him and he says that he's in love with me. I have been with my partner for 7months and would love to get a little more information about him as I want to know if he has loyalty and commitment towards me (we both have just come out of very bad relationships) and advice on our relationship potential. Thank you so much.

    My DOB August 30th 1974 Atlanta Georgia 11.05am

    His DOB November 1st 1976 Waterford Ireland 10.45am

  • You two are a talented attractive pair and your relationship focuses on technical drive, a code of honour, and generally sticking to the rules. Your greatests pleasure together is in finding solutions to problems, something the melding of your personal strengths makes you very good at. You do differ temperamentally, but you have one big thing in common, which is often the basis of your relationship - attention to detail. You also have the ability to concentrate totally on the subject at hand. Not surprisingly, you may have a special interest in and talent for technical, scientific, and other research areas. This interest can be put to use professionally but can also emerge in hobbies such as bridge, chess, puzzles and other challenging board or video games, all of which hold a fascination for you two.

    When the two of you fall into a romantic mood, you sometimes put these interests aside, but you may pursue your amatory activities in the same avid and dedicated way. Care, control, and attentiveness tend to characterise your love affair. Always concerned with how the other person is feeling, both of you usually put the relationship's priorities before your own. You may even make a kind of religion out of your love, with sacrifice playing an important role. Learning to give up and surrender to the moment may be a lesson that you two controlled personalities can study together.

    This combination is an excellent one for marriage. Trust is the primary element and issue here. Your partner can be highly demanding and moral, but as long as the bond of trust remains intact, he will forgive you any occasional lapses in order to preserve the relationship. Should that trust be broken however, he will rarely give you a second chance - he can be rather unforgiving in that respect and needs to unbend his strict moral code a little. Equality is crucial here - that and an absence of power plays, condescension, guilt trips, and blame.

  • Thanks a mllion Captain for getting back to me so quickly..I will study this

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