To The Captain, Need your insight please

  • Hi Captain,

    I have read your responses to other people and they seem to think you hit the nail on the head almost always. I need to know what you see for me with family and finances. Had someone tell me that someone was out to hurt or undermine me and if i don't buy this reading from her that there was nothing i could do to stop them and would not get the money that i stand a chance to win, as to she has to give me my seven winning numbers.

    Would you please do a reading for me and see what you get, i so need your help.

    dob--3-4-64 around 2:30am(not on birth certificate)Lumberton, Ms.

  • I hope you didn't give any money to that fake psychic scammer - it's a common rip-off to make you think you are cursed or that they have your lucky numbers.

    Witchywomen, whne it comes to family or friends, you are here to learn how to be more tender with others and to lose your fear of expressing your feelings. Your goal is to be aware of and value emotional connections with other people. Building and caring for a family will be your ultimate fulfillment in this lifetime. So, instead of needing to be in control all the time, how about relaxing a bit and showing your loved ones that you actually do care about them? Find your inner sensitivity, cultivate some empathy and understanding and you will feel more of a sense of belonging. Changing your role as authority figure from that of a stern disciplinarian to a loving parent and giving your family the sense that they won't be judged or faulted for making mistakes, and not expecting people to be other than who they are will immensely improve your interpersonal relations. By softening your approach, people will feel they can come to you for help rather than running away or staying mum. A great sense of joy will accompany this transformation since you often feel very alone. You do possess the qualities of empathy and understanding but you just have difficulty expressing them. It may be more common for you to shut down your fragile emotional side for protection and withdraw from a harsh world but by developing the ability to link with and communicate your love to others, you lose the self-created barrier that has kept you from forming deep loving connections. You can't control people into loving you but you can let your kindness and nurturing show through to draw them to you. Just tell people you love them.

    As for money, I feel you often ignore your fine intuitive gifts when it comes to improving your life. You think your hunches are wrong and that other people know better. Try to develop more self-trust. You have mixed feelings about money and worldly success that you must resolve if you want more of both. Negative feelings that money and success might corrupt you are holding you back. Money is neither good nor bad - it's what you do with it that counts. And being poor does not necessarily make you more spiritual.

  • Thanks Captain

    Like i said before you hit the nail on the head. That pretty much describes me bad as i hate it

    I had a feeling she wasnt for real and thats why i wanted to ask you and i thank you so very much.

    I am going to try and change the way i feel and treat people, it just seems like i get took advantage of when i let my guard down. I am always helping are giving to someone mostly our grown kids and my brother, it is hard for me to tell them no.

    Thank you so much and i will be taking your advise.

  • Captain if your still here could you see what my boyfriend's intentions towards me are... he loves me but is reluctant to let me into his inner circle. his b-day is 7/9/66 and mine is 7/21/57 Any insight would be helpful, Claire

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