Hello Captain ! I need some advice

  • My Birthdate: August,1960 12: 55 AM Shillong India Please tell me why I am goinng through a lot of emotional turbulance in my relationship just a sinking feeling in my gut outwardly everything seems normal is it just my emotions and imagination getting out of control his DOB 09/15/1959 11-12pm thanks

  • Rina, your relationship with your partner is more like a teacher-student matchup and I think you are beginning to rebel or feel it is time you 'graduated' to learn on your own. He may also have represented a parental figure to you but you have since grown up. You are feeling stifled and unhappy. Where you once easily accepted your partner's advice and guidance, now you want to be your own boss. What you are feeling are the stirrings of liberation and independence. This is not an easy relationship as both of you can be extremely rough and uncomrpomising with each other. This relationship works for as long as you are content merely to be the subordinate.

  • Thank you so much

  • I feel he is cheating on me can you also see with this DOB 09/15/1958

  • Not physical cheating yet but definitely flirting. He is looking for another student/child to replace you as you have become too 'rebellious'.

  • Thank you

  • I am a point I really need to know what I should do , things have grown from bad to worse its a 15 year relationship should I break it up and move on

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  • Thanks so much for replying we have talked and talked and he says he loves me and does not want me to leave but I find he is deceiving me on some level and thats killing me, also he is very cold and distant and always very angry

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