So Glad I have Others To take me Seriously

  • Its nice to meet all of you on this forum. Ive been studying Astrology for about 10 years now. I also read Tarot Cards. My Birthday is April 29, 1969 I was Born in Covington Ky. at 9:03 Pm. Im A Taurus, Libra Moon, and Scorpio rising with Neptune in my First House. My life hasnt been very easy since I have Sun and Saturn combust in my 6th House which forms a Yod connected to Pluto, Uranus,and Jupiter in my 10th and 11th Houses. Its hard sometimes to read your own chart cause of the emotions involved. I also have precognitive dreams and have all my life. The problem with the dreams sometimes is that I seem to analyse then FAR to much and when I wake up the dreams seem to stay with me most of my day. Oh, and my Moon is very close to Uranus.Honestly I dont know what to do with my life even at my age of 41. Well, Ive about written a essay so I shall go. I hope to speak to many of you soon. Thank You, Plutonianee'. I also call myself NeptunyNee" go figure with both of them involved in my 1st house.

  • I also have to wonder why most of my friends and boyfriends I had in the past have been Leos. SOOO many Leos.... Maybe its because they add some excitement to my life! Or maybe they like to talk about their problems and life in general so much and Im a heavy listener.

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  • Plutonianee nice to see you here, i get dreams too, though i take them far to seriously sometimes, they are nightmares to me most of the time. and i can also memorize them when they are clear enough, i do remember quite a lot of them, even from ones when i was little i can still remember!

    and i am also a heavy listener and sometimes i talk to much lol! , my birthday is November 9th 1991 🙂 Im a scorpio i cant remember of the top of my head what rising sign i am, but i have found it out, i just forget these things easily if im not using them too much lol!

    Welcome to the forum you will meet many nice people hear i can assure you 🙂

    Lots of love to you


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