Location for fish tank

  • Hi,

    My son has moved home from college & brought with him a large fish tank & fish. Once placed it will be difficult to move. Any recommendations for placement?

  • YES! I take care of all the tanks at the school where I work and have tanks at home. Mostly keep it away from direct sunlight if you can because algea is work to clean. All tanks get some algea and need cleaning after awhile but give the tank too much sunlight and it will double. I like a spot that I can watch from a couch or chair easily as watching fish is very calming and also it keeps you noticing any changes in fish or tank . Keep tank away from extreme temperature changes. Fish get ick--a fuzzy looking disease when the water goes up and down too much in temperature. If your trying to include feng shui placemen I think water is always a positive addition anywhere as long as it is kept healthy and clean that's why it's best to keep it in sight so not to get neglected in anyway..

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