Court cards crossed

  • i almost always use the celtic cross spread especially if im doing a general reading. A few days ago i was doing a reading and in the one position the seeker drew the queen of wands whose qualities she was certain represented her and in the 2nd positon crossing the queen was the king of cups whose charateristics reminded her of a man in her life. what confused me was that i didnt know what to make of the fact that the two were crossed. i was wondering if anyone could help.

  • I would tell you not to be confused. You were on track. If the queen represnts the questioner. And the king a man in her life. Without knowing the complete speading I'd guess that he was having a great deal of influence or and impact on your questioners life.

  • the cetic cross is a great spread...its the 1st one i learned. anyway if the card does in fact represent "the man in her life" he may be what is complicating things. as i do believe that the crossed position represents not an obstacle that needs to be over come but something that does need to be perceveired against.

    but not seeing the rest of the spread kinda leaves it out in the dark as the cossed card may represent a reletive or even co-worker in the near or distant future. it depends on where the quearents mind is at the time and just how focused the quearantis. I.E. it just may represent someone of similar appearance with a business deal or competition in business.

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