Could Some one give me insight Please

  • Yes I feel you will sell. Good luck in the new place! 🙂

  • Thank you so much, Over Easter weekend we had two people come to camp in our grounds. They ended up staying for 3 days, before they left they taked to us over the purchase of your property, we showed them all they wanted to know and they left.

    It is very positive. The other property I spoke of to you is still there for us and I keep in touch with the agent.

    I should know soon of the outcome of this insurance claim, This investigator has told the insurance co untrue acusations which have come back to me, which I hav put them right, I dont like the man or his mind games.

    My hubby is still not 100%, he has a perenial Abcess which has to take its time to heal. Nasty thing to have, more medical visits.

    I hope you are well and your input is very rewarding as I dont talk to others of my affairs

    Thank you once more God bless

  • I meant to say our propery

  • for got to add that this property we are trying to purchase has a huge garage or work shop that you predicted for Russell Hubby had to tell you of this

    Take care x

  • I feel you have reached a turning point in your fortunes and that things are just going to take off for you now. Wonderful - you deserve to be so blessed, Helen. You and your hubby are in my thoughts. Thanks for the feedback! Be well.

  • I cant keep saying thank you enough for your help and support. I feel I want to help you in some way, maybe if and when you come to NZ, you will let me know, you will be welcome to stay here or in the new place.

    Take care and god bless

  • I'd love that - I remember my time in NZ very fondly!

  • Hi Captain

    Happy new year to you.

    Well another year has past and we age just the same. I now have my mothers property on the market as of the high maintenance and mum is living with me and has done for the past three years. she is 92 this year. I have had so much trouble from two family members who think they can get her home and care for her which is not so. Well we move on.

    So selling of mums house can you help me as to if this will move on this year. We still have our property in the far north houhora Tavern and the property I spoke to you of in Whangarei still hasn't sold at this time. Love to move on. Trust you are well and happy take care of you

  • None of these properties will sell until everyone releases their connections and ties to them. People often connect places to their loved ones or happy memories and are reluctant to let go. Or it coyld be that someone simply values them higher than others want to pay. Find out who is clinging to each property and ask them to let go completely, emotionally or financially.

    What advice have the real estate people given you?

  • My feeling is that these properties are being over-valued, either due to sentiment or believing they are worth more than other people see as their value, or both. You have to detach from the outcome and not hold out for the price you think they are worth or for someone who would love them as you have loved them. You have to let go of any unrealistic attachment to the outcome you want and just trust that the real outcome is the right one. Do not take the selling of these properties personally - you are not these properties and their sale doesn't reflect on you.

  • Thank you for your advise, we have dropped our property to half the value and it is well priced to agents. If we dropped any more we will be going backward and mums property is just going on the market and she is happy with this. two family members are not happy and we have invited then to buy it. We are 5 hours away from my mothers property and we are the only ones out of 6 members who maintain mums property. I have no sentimental issues on either property, I just want to be happy and settled and go back to a happy lifestyle, and resume my spiritual work and be complete. Being out of it for 10 years is enough . Move on is a must as this is a 7 year, Thank you as always you are true to face Take care x

  • What is the reason the real estate people give for your property not selling? And have you thought of renting instead of selling?

  • Looking at you and your husband's numerology, Helen, in 2014 you two are in very different modes. For you, it will be all about work, career and business and material matters - maybe the business will take off in a new direction. It is your best year for work in a long time. Your husband however may be feeling like winding down - it is a year of endings and finishing up old business for him. He will be letting go of anything that is of no use to him, people, possessions, attitudes, homes, etc.

  • Hi and thank you, I am looking after my husband, mother of 92 and the business as my husband obtained an anus abscess in 2012 and this has been on going with complications arising from this, he is going through another op and could have a third if the op in May requires this to happen. I am tried and only wish that we can sell and move to a home we or I can call a home. I have had my furnishing placed in the container for 11 years the time we have been here and at 65 this year time is moving so fast. It seems to be about every one else and all I want is to be happy and settled in my own home. Mums house is on the market and inspire of my sister and brother that have given me grief I have fort them to silence. I read for others and this is simple but for me I can see where I am going. You have been so there and helpful which I appreciate.. I suppose I am looking and asking for the moon as to when we sell. Renting this place is not an option as we need the money to move on. Thank you soon very much you are a true spiritual friend Helenx

  • Helen, I asked your guides to help and then drew a card for you from my Advice deck.

    Your card is -

    The Card of Incompleteness, Incompetence, Mistakes, and Carelessness

    There is some form of carelessness, incompleteness or mistake involved here, or some unfinished business where something has not been completed or brought to its fullest and most satisfying conclusion. Some lesson may not have been learnt, not enough application and focus may have been applied, a relationship may have been broken, a promise forgotten, people may have been hurt or let down, or severe consequences may have resulted from incompetence or ignorance. The situation may involve some issue in the present that will affect the future or it may be a hold-over from the past that is still affecting the present. A careful reconsideration of the situation is called for to find out where mistakes were made and how they can be corrected, and whether a ‘debt’ needs to be paid or recompense/apologies made. Self-blame is not called for, simply taking responsibility and remembering the lesson in order to stop repeating the past will suffice. It may be that the facts/study/research must be checked more accurately, a job or project must be fully completed, or more care given to a situation or someone’s feelings. It may have been yourself who was the victim of someone’s carelessness or inefficiency, and so only forgiveness will allow for completion of the situation. You will need to go back over the situation to revise and look for errors or places where you have not been given proper information or guidance.

    Could this be in relation to your estate agent?

  • Hi Captain

    Thank you for that, as I read your reply I associated this property, as it is over 100 years old, The old building that is, both Russell and I have half completed the upstairs 4 bedrooms and they look great, but the lack of money has stopped us from completing this expensive project. When I purchased the property I could see the old building functioning and people visiting a yesteryear age. Both Russell and I do see spirits like old gum diggers, an older male wearing a long coat and hat. Before we started decorating the now completed bedrooms, I had already dictated the colours per rooms, we when I took off the old original wall papers they were of the colours that I proposed for those rooms. I kept seeing an older lady bossy person who I have been told was a lady who ran the place called Gladdus who also was a keen gardener. I believe she is over seeing me as I have created this property like a park planting out gardens which attract so many people. So Captain is she driving away buyers and holding me to finish off the decorating. I had thought that many times and asked aloud to who would listen "if we are meant to finish the building and property then send us the money. If not let us move on." I have never spoken of this until now, to anyone. The agent is full of her self and there is not much competition up here who will work for you. The land we are on is just under 2 acres and when I worked on the gardens different areas I had gut feelings when walking away it all lifted strange as it sounds. Do you think all is looking for a buyer with an alike mind to carry on with this property. The people who have viewed the property loved the grounds, but as soon as they went over the older building, too much work they have stated and they don't come back.

    Do you feel this is in relation to what you have seen.

    Thank you so much for your help and guidance bless you Take care Helen

  • Yes I do feel previous owners are blocking the sale because they want you to stay. You will need to persuade them all to move on - you can do sage smudging and prayers yourself or if you know a good medium or psychic perhaps they can perform a ghost removal? The new owners will need to feel they are moving to a 'clean' environment as the presence of the old past owners hangs heavily around the place, scaring people off. It's not up to the past owners who buys their former property so they need to butt out and move on since, from a practical and financial viewpoint, you cannot continue to live there.

  • I believe this is what I have been picking up from the beginning - that someone didn't want to leave the place - but because the ghosts are tightly packed around you, I thought it was you or your husband who was feeling this way.

  • You are right, I feel that also. The previous owners approached us to buy the property back over 6 months ago but the wife died so that was that.

    I will try sage as I have some planted around the gardens and yes I pray believe me I pray for positive changes and moving on. Yes we cant afford to stay here a beautiful property but it is not making money. Funny enough I do talk aloud in an angry way to these lost spirits around here, it gets so frustrating and containing within.

    Thank you for being there and the advise you are giving is so rewarding to me Bless you x.

  • Anything you need...

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