Could Some one give me insight Please

  • You will get your wish.

    You take care too! 🙂

  • How are you. I have just returned after a few days away with my mum, my hubby has just stated that a Moari family are interested in our business and property. Thay have stated that they wish to come back to view the old buikding etc, they have three houses to sell and have informed us that one has already sold what do you see are they our genuine buyers ?...

    I thank you so much. Take care for now blessings helen

  • They genuinely want to buy your property but you must make sure they have the money to back it up. Don't take anything on trust. "Show me the money!"

  • Bless you and thank you, I understand and will let you know the outcome, I do have the will to clean out and only keep the things I wish to take with us,

    Take care for now helen,

  • HI Captain

    How are you???? I now have my mother living with hubby and I after she had more falls and she has turned 90. Her own home is empty as she cannot live alone I still have the business which has not sold. The months that have followed have been very quite for business and although the bank has been helpfill providing us with a small over draft of $3000. I am praying now that we will sell soon and have a life, even though mum will come and livewith us untill her time is up, at least she is happy to be looked after.

    Can I please ask you regarding selling when do you see this happen and I appreciate any insight that you see. As always Thank you and take care Helen

  • The property will not sell until you totally disconnect from it. I feel you are holding on for a buyer you hope will love it and care for it as you did and fulfill the dreams you had for it. But if you really want to sell, you will have to give up caring about who buys it and just let the universe send someone, anyone. You have to pull your heart out of it because a deep part of you is preventing the sale until conditions are ideal. But that won't happen. You have to let go.

  • I appreciate what you are saying, the connecting side of me is the gardens, which I just keep adding as it doesnt cost a fortune to create. Tourists and other people just stare and walk amoungest the walkways. The Moari family who put an offer in was to come back and view inside the buildings, but havent. This i dont understand, according to huddy, the family just walked around and admired the gardens, just loved the outside and wanted to buy the place. We had another verble offer from a watcher from Trade me and said they were to come up and view and we havent seen them. I have viewed many properties on the internet that I have interest in, but it seems useless to view these, as it I wanted to place an offer, we have nothing on this place.

    Hubby is applying for work in the concrete industry which he was in for 27 years. So we are putting all options out there and of course mum is getting slower, needing more care. As I stated her home in Snells beach Warkworth is just sitting there, she has remarked of selling it when we move on. You know what is stange I have gone through, like a spring clean andstacked clothing etc, ready for moving. I feel movement, this is why I contacted you. I have to say I read also as you know and it is hard to understand what is going on for ones self. You are the only one that has seen things as they are and express so, I thank you for helping me at this time I value you input.

  • Can I just ask of my mothers house??? Also do you see hubby getting a job soon

    Thank you

  • You have invested part of your soul in the gardens - until you let go of it, people feel such a strong sense of you there that it makes them feel like the property could never be theirs in spirit. You need to go talk to the gardens and set them free. And set yourself free of your dreams for the property.

    I don't sensel your husband getting work in the concrete industry but I do feel there is work for him in a smaller place, like a shop or garage.

    I'm not clear if your mother's house is up for sale or not - you said she was talking about selling?

  • Yes mum has talked of her property selling, as it is left empty and she has now adapted to living with us. At this stage I have not placed it on the market, as when we go to Auckland I take mum down with us so she can see her home and be there. But!! she is packed up and ready to go, stating that it is not her home any more. She spends all her time watching the wildlife spoonbills etc up here at my place. So this is where we are at. Gosh it is very interesting what you said over Russell hubby, garage??? out of interest this property also had a gas station which was taken out years ago. Now there is no gas station for miles as the down the RD has now closed down. Funny enough Russell has rang up and waiting for a call back from Gas Alle regarding putting in a gas station here. Cost etc???? People are asking for gas, running out as the closest station is Awanui 40minutes away.We do have containers that we sell to help people out. So can you see more, thank you so very much

  • You need to get your mother to make a definite decision to seel, otherwise you cannot move forward. I feel a lot of hesitation and sentimental attachments over your whole situation, actually. Firm unemotional decision making and releasing has to occur.

  • I meant, to SELL.

  • Yes I know you meant sell. You are truly right what you say, it is like being stuck, and not being able to see what is ahead. I will have a good talk to mum and move forward, also I may go and take a look at other properties that I have earmarked on Trade Me. This will help with moving. You are a gem

    Thank you and take care of you.

  • We cannot know what is ahead, even by consulting psychics, since the future can change as often as we change. You just have to trust that you can handle whatever comes to you and keep moving forwards..

  • Hi Captain

    Thinking of you today and I want to wish you and your family a happy Christmas and may the new year bring us all positive forwarding prospects. Thanking you again for all your help and support.

    Take care Helen

  • Thanks Helen - and the same to you and yours!

  • Hi Captain

    Can you please help me out I put in an insurance claim through a loss of a ring lost when laying bark to my mothers gardens at her property. I struck a supervisor who screamed down the phone to me saying how careless I was etc now it is being investigated and I have have been interviewed

    I have explained all to him, please can you tell me how it will work out

    It is a worry i dont need as my hubby has been in hospital with a cancer scar

    Thank you so much for your help


  • If you don't need the worry, then do not buy into it. Trust that the issue will be resolved in your best interests and let it go. It is the only way to ensure a successful outcome. There is nothign that has been fixed by worrying. Also this may be a lesson not to cling to material items for their own sake - it is only the memories associated with them that we can keep close.

  • Thank you for all you are right worry doesn't solve things, concentration on loved ones matter most. Take care

  • HI Captain we have reduced in price with the currant market in housing 2013 it is not advanced toward the upgrade in replacement. We have found a place 3 hours away from where we reside. dropping our price do you feel we will sell to meet the market to sell and settle

    Thank you for your input


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