Could Some one give me insight Please

  • Would you beleive we have had two enquiries one a swap with cash dif, You had stated Feb can I ask what can you see surrounding these two buyers and is there a genuine buyer.

    Many thanks for this

  • I do feel one is more genuine than the other.

  • One of them is a family Maori originally local to the area and the other is a developer from South who is looking at a complex.

    Do you see any more, you have been so right,

    Thank you

  • Hmm, I feel the Maori family will treat the land with more respect but that the developer will pay you more. Your choice...

  • Hello Captain, It has been a while since I have asked you for your advise on a situation, You where very helpful last time and I am looking forward to your answer to my question. Sometime early next month I am going to attend an oral hearing for a crime which took place many years ago, I was the victim. Consideration is being given for monetary compensation Is there anything you can tell me that will ease my mind, NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME IS.

    birthdate... Feb. 5th 1943 ...... Time: 7:20 ............ Leonida

  • Leonida, this is Helen's thread so can you start your own personal thread and I will answer you there? I don't like to get the vibes mixed.

  • Hi Captain

    How are you

    Well all turned to nothing, re sale the developer went bust and the Maori family want to lease not buy. We have just carried on and my mum who is 89, I have been going to see more often as I am looking after her affairs now. I am tired but I feel I may see a life for me soon I hope. It feels like the world has stopped where finances are concerned. can you see a move in sight. I trust all is happy around you

    Take care Helen

  • I feel a new lease of life coming to your business soon. You are going to look at it in a very different way (or service) and it will take off. I am getting a message - Think Water.

  • Hi Captain

    Strange as you say it, Water!!! we are as you know living on the waters edge, and water flows as does our lives. You are so on to it in a way that I look back and see the rocky road that we have gone through. So the flow re water has to go more smoothly. I believe also that my elderly mum has much to do with this as when she passes I have to attend to all her affairs, her house, land etc. Sell and sort all through. It is great to talk to you as you tell it as it is, it is like a second voice of confirmation coming through. and I thank you for this.

    How is life treating you, I really hope that you look after you

    Take care Helen

  • I just wondered if you can put more emphasis to do with this property and the new business or growth that you are picking up please.

    I value your input and thank you


  • Are there any healing waters or hot springs around you there? I know New Zealand is a very spirtual place - perhaps your business could be turned into a spa or health resort? Maybe you could turn it into a spiritual retreat - have massage, aromatherapy, and other therapies there, invite motivational or inspirational speakers to give talks, build a walking maze. I feel health retreats are the way of the future as people develop more and more stress and inability to cope with life..

  • Thank you for this. You are picking up on a vision, I have had for years a spiritual center, cafe, accommodation.Strange I have never looked at this place being it. It is more strange that a man who I have talked to that drinks here, mentioned that I should look at this option on this property. The man has been through near death situations and stated that he could talk to others relating to his experience.

    Accommodation will have to be built and yes there are many beautiful places to take people for a day out. Gosh just money is the holdup to complete the picture.

    I showed you my web page, which has now been modified The places on my website are places where people would enjoy going. (What do you pick up) We have not been able to afford to do any more renovations at this time, and even though we are quite busy, I feel stuck and so is hubby as we cannot move on or build.

    You are wonderful Captain!! for the help you inputting

    Take care Helen

  • You must find some extra money to give this place a spiritual feel, even if you have to beg the bank or borrow from friends/family. This will be a huge venture with many rewards - not just financial - if you put your heart and soul into it. However, I feel like rather than adding more things, you need to simplify the place - soft gentle colours, minimalist decor for the rooms and public areas. Very restful stuff - incense and flowers and soft music and maybe some animals too for healing. A small waterfall or water feature in the foyer or just outside would set the atmosphere. I am getting the words "Simplify, simply, simplify" very strongly. Maybe even do a massage or meditation or whatever course yourself (and/or hubby) so you can be a healer there. Search the internet for pictures of relaxing places. Perhaps find a decorator who knows exactly what you want. You can always add more spiritual rooms, activities and landscaping etc. as more visitors come and go. This will be a unique place for those who are weary of soul and body. Of course, you will need a new name that sums up the spirit and peace you are hoping to spread to all who come. What is 'peace' in Maori - āio? Serenity - mahurutanga? Etc.

  • That is so true, I have spiritual friends that are involved in massage and healing, Reiki, Hypno etc. I have practised numerology and tarot , I taught for many years Numerology and did readings and counseling. I am involved up here through word of mouth, But as i am so busy in this Tavern scene I do not have 100% to put into the spiritual side as i did before I moved. I am receiving many email readings and help through these. I know it sounds harsh but when mum passes I have to dispose of her assets and this is her property, which I inherit along with 4 of my family. So in a way I can see where money may help and mum would love to see this happen as she to is very spiritual even at her age.

    You are so right what you are saying and it is a matter of time. It is nine years now since we moved here and I donot know where the years have gone. It is like one shuts their eyes and wakes up after time. Must say I did go to the bank who I have been with for over 40 years to get a loan to assist with building, they said NO!!! as of our performance for that year was low. Well!! what business is making a big profit. So!! I have switched banks just!!! So Far they have been very obliging.

    Thank you and i appreciate your input to my minds Thinking, you are a good person, who I would love to help if ever you need itxxxx

    Take care for now


  • I would love to visit your spiritual retreat when it is up and running. I think just changing the direction and tone of your website will intrigue people enough to want to visit.

    Make sure you include your mother by telling her of your plans.

  • I will do this re mum. Will see what the comming days bring us. You will be the first to know when all falls into place. I would love to have you stay and visit when we are up and running.

    Thank you so much and once again take care of you

    Bless you for your insight


  • You're very welcome! 🙂

  • Hi how are you. Since we spoke last my mum now 90 this year had a fall at her sisters place.She suffered a fractured toe, and torn her shoulder, I have been looking after her for two months and now she is as well as expected and very independent. She has a house further South that I spoke of to you previous. My hubby and i want to desperately sell our business and property to buy a home, intended for my mum as well. Mum has short term memory loss and needs care.

    Can you see a sale and relocation in the future

    as I have to deal with mums property also and family issues that have posed a proplem.

    Thank you for your help take care Helen

  • Yes the house will sell.

  • Hi

    You have confirmed yet again, Thank you so much for this. I cannot wait to feel settled in a home environment with all my furniture (that has been stored in a container for 9 years) I have felt like a snail without a shell, so to speak. I pray that I will resume my spiritual; work when i have settled. If I can ever help you you are more than welcome.

    Take care and thank you again Helen

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