Could Some one give me insight Please

  • My husband and I moved from a comfortable lifestyle 7 years a go, with my daughter and her husband to a tourist business. Over time my daughter divorced and met a wonderful partner and now has a beautiful 4 year old son. All this would never of happened if we hadn't made this move.

    I feel that my husband and i have put our lives on hold so that out daughter established hers. My worrrys are also centred on my 88 year old mum who lives alone and I feel concern with her too.

    My husband and I just want to sell and have our old lives back again to be settled and happy as this 7 day a week business after 7 years is very tiring. Can anyone give me insight to when we may sell and move on. My birthday is 4.june 1949 and hubby is 27 Feb 1951. Thank you.

  • You are right to want your own lives back - your daughter has to stand on her own feet now.

    September 2010 is good for finding a new place. Early 2011 looks best for your actual move and for your husband's career.

  • And August or November 2010 for selling the business.

  • Thank you

    You are wonderful, I feel that you are so right and I feel like sheading a tear,with happiness as it has been so long to be myself, I left behind my spiritual world 7 years ago, as I did readings for over 20 years and love helping people in need!! this I want to get back too as it so rewarding.

    Bless you.

  • To The Captain

    It is 6 months since I conversed with you and I was wondering if you had any more insight as to when my husband and I will be selling and moving from this lifestyle business.

    Thank you and I hope that you are keeping well

  • You are letting fear of change stop you from moving on.

  • Thank you so much for this but can you elaborate more, as all prospective buyers are false, I have been looking at houses and areas that we could replace this property for and be very comfortable for our life in the future. We are so ready to move. I do appreciate more input if you can. you advise is respected

    Thank you and take care

  • No, some part of you is NOT ready to move on - in either you, your husband or both. Some fear is holding you back. Otherwise you would have attracted a genuine buyer by now. You both need to talk honestly and express whether you have any deeply buried doubts about moving on. Until you get to the root of the problem, nothing will change.

  • Actually I am picking up a fear from your husband that you might not stay together if things change. He is very afraid of being alone.

  • Prior to moving to this property, my husband worked for a company for 27 years and reached a CO staus within that company. Even though we moved on half of him had regrets ever leaving that business. If we moved from here tomorrow I do have my mind set on taking up counciling once more. My husband as stated that he will find a work position but!! doenst know what untill the time comes. I do know he is not well within himself and he suffers from inner stress (only because he feel trapped in this business and wants to move) and doesnt allways talk about how he is feeling. We work together and have done for the now 8 years in this business. This is our website if you wish to take a look at the property.

    I cant stress enough my thanks to you for your help.

  • You have to get him talking and releasing his fears if you want to move on.

  • Helen, your website is a bit confusing - are you still renovating or is the hotel actually open? How many visitors does the area attract and how profitable and busy is it? I feel like you need more reason for people to want to buy and also visit your hotel. There are no happy visitors in your photos and the place feels rather empty and deserted.

  • You are right the old building was the hotel of yesteryear and is over 100 years old,. Yes we are still working on it having striped and completed 5 of its bedrooms for future accommodation, there is so much more money to be spent on it to get to the stage to reopen as an old pub as it once was and hotel. We thought also a museum of yesterday effects. People from all over the world call to see this and it is not open. .The other building semi attached is the operating tavern which was built in the 60's. I have recently opened a cafe and it is drawing in people from all over the world. This has created more business. All have remarked this is like paradise, I have created all the gardens from scratch myself including a Kauri garden for the visitors to view

    It is incredible that the overseas people and other visitors appreciate ana spend more than our locals.

    To be really honest I can see this propety built as lodge all accomodation and the older building open as a tourist attraction. It all costs and I guess I am tired working 7 days a week, hence selling. is the only outcome. Someone else may see the same potential, which it has much to offer.

    This is strange you know every coloured wall pappers I picked for each the 5 bedrooms, when striped back to the original all the rooms where the original colours that I picked for replacement. I have seen an older bent over woman and have since found out she worked and run the old hotel way back. Yes she is been dead for over 50 years.

    You are so great and what do you think of all this

  • The business shows a small profit, it is a lifestyle business that provides a good living. We are freehold and don't wish to borrow any money hence we haven't finishing doing up the old building and building other accommodation,that people are asking for this a slow frustration process. The land and buildings only carry out a valuation of 1.6 mill The business was not included.

    The comment from buyers have stated the property is exceptional BUT there is alot of work and money to put into the property for future gain recovery. Gosh we know this and the frustrating matter is we dont have extra money to finish the project. If we did we would have much affordable accommodation for all people as this is so lacking in this part of the Far North of NZ. All the people who visit cape Reinga travel past here. If we came into money to build the money return would be sufficient to stay here, working 6 months of the year and have valued time off But at this stage we are putting it out there for someone with money to see the potential as we do and work it. I though I would explain this to you.

    Thank you and bless you for your valued help

  • Yes, that is the impression I got from visiting your site - that you are in the middle of constructing what was your dream but now you want out. That is not something that would make me feel confident as a buyer. Why should someone else buy into your expensive dream when you have lost faith in it?

    And you should include all that info about the cafe and maybe post some actual visitor rave comments. You have got to show that the place is worth all the money that would have to be spent on it. Otherwise you must rethink borrowing money and fnish fixing everything.

  • I would also rethink the colours of your website - it's all very moody blue and brown and I found it a bit depressing, actually.

  • Thank you for your honest reply it is strange you should mention the colours of the website as I have just about completed an upgrade colours and all and yes the cafe is pictured in it of the website.

    Our dream of this property is commented by many other people. Another person a property developer commented just weeks ago, that all the buildings should be demolished and just sell the land as the value of a 2 acre waterfront property such as this is rare.

    God only knows, there are reasons for all. I have to say that the Far North of NZ is a safe place re earthquakes that the country has been experiencing.What you have said is 100% right as my inner voice has challenged me on all the issues that you stated.

    I forgot to mention just before Christmas a local business man phoned re looking at the property, apparently he and his friend has visited over a period of 5 months unknown to us, and decided to go halves in purchasing our property. He came to see me and was highly disappointed over the news that the person who was going to by his business couldn't raise the money. So this was a disappointment .

    My only concern is that we are not getting younger either. I turn 62 in June and hubby is 60. I appreciate your honesty it is not easy to read for ones self.

    Thank you for your confirmation. Where do you live???

  • I can see now why you haven't been able to sell the property - you are done with your dream yet you want someone else to continue it for you. Part of you still clings to the old dream which is why you are stuck. You must take whatever option is offered to you, even if it is demolition if you do truly wish to get out and move on.

  • I am Australian but lived in NZ for many years and even contemplated buying a home there. It's a beautiful place.

  • Well please take care and I am a 4 as of birth and this year is a 4 so. will see how the year rolls along and I will let you know. I have to say you are like my mirrored inner voice, you tell it as it is and I know you are right.

    Hope you are well and thank you once again god bless

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