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  • Dear Captain

    would you be able to do me a love relationship reading with this person. who we talked about before. I wasnt sure weather to post because before you said we would be in some sort of partnership thing, and i am very confused.Reminder of her birthday is Feburary 24th 1964

    and of course you know mine 🙂

    My Thoughts and feelings to the lady i talked to you about on the previous thread i made stay the same, I think i do generally have feelings for her in the Love kind of way, and i think i am ashamed of it and i do not now what to do about it, she has family of her own, and i am confused because i also like someone else too but not sure weather to go there! i have chosen a new course of Health and social care in a new college which i am looking forward too, i know there will be a lot of changes for me to come, but i need to clear this up with this person, because if i do not i will not now which way to go and things could end badly. So some advice and clarification is greatly needed from you. If you need anymore information, i will be gladly to Open up to you with whatever you may Need. But id really like to now because its getting to the point were i just want to well Shout a lot, mainly from frustration and confusion because i don't know what I'm doing. I guess i just want things sorted out, so I can have a clear head and actually get some sleep for once.

    Thanks again PS sorry for making another thread with your name, i needed to get your attention, plus ill have to ask admin to delet the other ones :S that are still up somewhere.


  • BUMP :0)

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