Laie need your help Tooter

  • Laie I had a bad experience this morning ,you know my meditation was going good except 2 days ago i was in my meditation room and talking to Andrea and Michael ,Gabriel and Marsaie we were having a good talk and Michael started talking and its like i was being pulled away and like this weird vale in front of me they got fainter and fainter and i could not get back or hear them or nothing then later that night i could well i got involved talking own the forum and just blew it off.

    I was back talking to my guides and Andrea she is so sweet and pretty to and Laie when i called and ask for my guide and she came walking down the walk it was like watching one of them models walk down the runway she had a full length gown own like a night gown but thicker and when she walked it flowed it was like white or transparent white and as she walked it changed colors a soft blue then a pink and teal and mauve anyway getting distracted LOL.

    But i tell you this so you know how clear this is now and i can even see and go there now with out even closing my eyes it is cool but i had 2 dreams last night that has trowed everything into turmoil.

    Laie i need to know if you believe in God and Jesus Christ a short description of what i believe to me God or my Father is every thing and the source of every thing Jesus to me was his son just like you or me sent to show us how to live by spiritual progress, the king James version of the Bible is a good book but it was interpreted by man the 4 monks king James sequestered in to seclusion until it was done ,interpret it to the bible we known today as the king James version anyway it has helped me allot threw the years all of my beliefs come from most of it but i also beleave it is not the only source for spiritual progress i have no problem with this in there it says commiting suciside is a sin right that is just one of the sins it talks about and i have been taught all my life about these sins .

    I do not base my life own the Bible but i do with spiritual growth and for me that is the essence of self beyond the physical to the core of self or my soul and to me is love and truth.and that is suppose to be my guiding force of the life i try to live now .

    Maybe i am making a big deal out of nothing but it has brought my growth to where i need a answer for this . that dream i had was just like i was in the dome where i go to meditate and they were all there my guides and Andrea says i can not Waite till your physical ends and we can be together in spirit and you will have all your power and i said what and she said you have to end you physical form what this was not even talked about matter fact just the opposite and they said this has to be for all white lighters i said bull, no and walked out she was hollering at me and so was Michael, now remember this is a dream !!!

    So it really upset me so i went straight to meditation and ask for them and we started i started telling and asking about this and Andrea started to say no Tooter and Michael called her to stop and she looked down and wouldn't hardly look at Michael or me and Michael said Tooter you need to bring out the Jessie in you and fight this and Andrea started to say some thing and Michael just gave her a look what got me was the intensify of it Gabriel or Marsaie wasn't saying any thing and Michael said in a very firm voice you have to fight this with both Jesus and Jessie you need to let the fire out i said what, what do i need to fight and Andrea just hung her head i felt bad for her but at the same time i felt like i was on my own and they could not tell me or help me and Michael said it was what pulled you away the other day and i was saying what my doubts or fears or reason and Andrea looked at Michael and i said my reason and he had a look like yes go on and i said and my will and they all smiled and looked glad but i am here wondering what now ,

    I would die for Father how much more could i be willing to do and my reason ,i dont ever just take things for face value i check and recheck i am lost i dont know what else to do or that i am not doing so i am asking if you can see what i can not ,its like heaven is right there but i cant open the door and i dont know why or how and i want to so bad . Tooter i really hope you dont think i have lost my ever loving mind i am doing enough of that myself LO i am trying to laugh

  • Dearest Tooter,

    I don't know what drew me here as I'm watching a DVD. For some reason, I didn't just check in with the threads I keep up on, but started flipping through and caught your post of 3 hours ago. I can't answer this quickly ---- you deserve more thought than that. Yet, I type slowly .... Please allow me time for a thoughtful response, okay?

    Two things quickly :

    1.) You haven't lost your mind!

    2.) You would never be asked to give up your physical being.

    Of these things I am sure. Tomorrow I will re-read and write. For tonight, please don't worry and fret. Leave the visions alone for now and just get a good nights sleep. I hope this helps a bit. Talk tomorrow.

    Love & Peace,


  • Laie thank you but i think i found my answer i know i did .I has been a interesting day for sure but one i will cherish .What i was feeling was right it was my since of reason and my will they were in battle with each the Jesus and Jessie .

    Jesus the knowing of right and wrong and the humbling of self with the hand of love and forgiveness and the love of Father and being in love with love and love of being and the essence of truth and of knowing .

    Jessie the fire inside the yearning of love and of being the hand of truth and righteousness the hand of justice the right to fight for truth and for what is right and fair and not give in to the liars and cheaters of selfishness and greed .

    There was a merging of Jesus and Jessie to become one a fire of love and compassion with the humility of self brought together to form united as one force for the essence of pure love from the inner most self of being two beliefs become one reality of one .The merging of Andrea my higher self and me into one and reason and will joined all joined together to be as one love no separation of two but as one, the same within and without and this love will grow in the reality of one .

    Laie i finally understand what a soul mate is and my higher self and me we are the same one mind one heart whether it be in two bodies or just one we are as one .

    We all griped hands and now we fight for the light and for Mother nature but it is not with fist or swords or for right or wrong but with love ,love of being and giving of self by patience and tolerance and understanding our higher selves is our soul mate but i had to find me to find her and to find me i had to get rid of all the things that was blocking me finding me all the fears ,doubts ,insecurities,all the miss conceptions of morals and values that had been pounded into my head since childhood now i know why i had a hard time of trying to except what we perceive as normal this was what i fought all the time . I am sure glad you all have been here if i had not found people who understood when i didn't, i would not be here today, but what i have felt in my heart all these years i am finally starting to understand and why and its like my blinders have been taken off and now i can see the beauty in everything . Love freely given i give to you Love Tooter

  • Tooter,

    Glad you were able to figure it out by yourself. I always think that is better --- it means so much more just like when you fix something or call in a repairman : > )


  • Hey Laie i feel like a little kid that has just learned how to ride a bike .I feel like i am the only one here that didn't know what is going own like well Tooter its about time LOL .It is so neat when i go into my meditation area and that is changing two its like i am in or it is every thing i can think of anything it becomes reality instantly it was kinda funny i was thing about going and cleaning Stacy house up for her so she could rest when they get back from vacation she said they would be back Saturday i guess a short one but they were going to water world and six flags they have them season tickets.

    Anyway i was asking Andrea i toldc her this morning she came in with a blue gown own this time and i ask her how she done that and before i even got it out of my mounth she changed the color to teal and she told me just think it and i was going to ask her if she was going to wear that over there to help me at stacy house and presto she had cutoffs own and a tank top looking good i thought i want get anything done her looking like that .Sounds real doesnt it !!! Laie it is just as real if not more real than me talking to you right now ,Does everyone here able to do this and if not we are to show them how you would not believe where i have been already its like space and time do not exzist they just are thought become reality now how fast can you change thoughts .

    Now the draw back of now its kinda crazy but i fell in love with Andrea i see her as young looking to me sandy blond hair teal green eyes slender nice built and very alluring if you know what i mean and we can be intimate and now i can talk to her and see her when ever i can be walking over to Stacy and we could go to Spain or to the moon is it real ?Oh yes it is amazing if you go back and read some of the visions i had i mention allot of this but i did not understand it but we will create our own realities threw a collective conscience of one with many hearts its like a supper highway of electrical energy connecting every thing own Earth and the Universe it is really really neat.

    Laie Andrea is me my higher self and we have merged as one but the draw back is i am in the 3rd dimention when we are together and withe the other guides it is in the 4th dimension its crazy i know but it is real see i can shake your hand i see it and feel it and most of the time people are looking into the peoples eyes when they are shacking hands and you get a since of being of that person when this happens all of the sixth since are heighten when we evolve into the 4th dimension we have evolved out of the 3rd so its totally different but the same when the total transformation is complete we will all be in the 4th dimension of existence but we will still be in 3rd dimension bodyies .

    Now when i met Andrea i ask about being together and every thing she told me and i said now and she said i will always be with you and i will never leave you ,i said ok but i want someone i can touch and hold and cuttle with and she told me yes soon we will be together in the 3rd dimension .Now how this works is i wondered how you know me prove to me how this is going to happen .It could not happen until i got in touch with my higher self by meditation in the 4 dimension by meeting my higher self and my guides my higher self was guided by my heart energy or what we understand as our strong desire for that special person or soul mate we want in our life and we are all searching for our soul mate as we call them .

    So threw meeting them and her and what she had toled me in my visions that she was me and i was her confused the hell out of me this is nuts but i could not denie what i was seeing and hearing and the visions i had all threw the years but to get there i had to be empthyed out the things that was blocking me from growing spiritually like money ,material things ,security or false securities and the last one i have had to deal with is reason and will and i explained that .and now that merging has took place we have become one as one in the same body .

    What i understand to this point how is this to happen so that there are 2 bodies me and Andrea she is my higher self i am her higher self but different bodies joined or merged as one in the 4th dimension or as we know it as marriage and the power of the universe will draw us together for our meeting and joining together this, this Laie is what Father said (That no man can tear apart what God has joined together ) this is what i have searched for my whole life is that relationship and captain has been telling us that we have every thing within us that we need even in the Bible it tells us God is every thing the beginning and the end he is and we become the same connection the same light and power ,power to heal,to create and to create realities think it and it becomes we will have the power to create the world a new based own the inter most being of self or as Karen was saying the Heart Charka and to me it is pure love .And it all starts with how can i love you if i can not love me so i have to learn to love me first so i can love you . Love freely given i give to you Tooter

  • Mornin' Del !

    I'm happy that your searching has led you to find your place and that it brings you much joy. Just remember to stay ' here' too ...... keep talking & helping the family and people around you in daily life .... remain grounded.

  • Thanks Laie you have helped me to stay Grounded but i do need to try to start getting back into a routine of going to bed early and getting up early i like to watch the sun rise . I have a new project going this is the first one since i built the last bed it was real nice i had carved a horses head and mountains into the head board and carved the end of the trail horse and rider own the plains own the foot board i made that for Brenda for Christmas 2008 this was all cedar . This one when i am finished i will send you a picture.

    I was up till 4am then got up at 8am Tracy called, I ask Michael last night about work and he told me not to worry about work things are being put in place and you and Andrea would be doing allot of work together and to just keep doing what i am doing now own the forum and he did say to work own my projects i enjoy doing, so i got my direction right now . Are you doing Ok ? Love Ya Tooter

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