The Devil in my readings

  • Hello - I'm relatively new to Tarot - I have had the Devil, the Hieraphant and the Star card turn-up in several readings over the past week: Mandala 12 Card Spread (2/10/09)- Devil in my 2nd House, Star in my 8th House

    Daily Insights (2/12 & 2/18) - Devil in SITUATION (both days) Star in ADVICE (both) and

    Hieraphant in the DAILY Lesson (both days) -

    ANY INSIGHT FROM any of you veteran's out there?


  • I think this person has some deep thinking to do about a situation with another person, in a sexual way,either your not getting enough or sex is an obsession. The Hieraphant is telling you sit back and really think things through before you take the next step in a relation then you can go forward . Ask youself this question is it love I feel or is it lust???

  • Thanks for the feedback - we recently celebrated our 20 wedding anniversary, but my husband developed diabetes approx. 7 yrs ago, which he does NOT manage well - it affects our love life in a big way...........other than that we enjoy a fun-loving relationship.......

    Thanks again

  • The devil...which is what im going to point out usually means a significant change in your life....which would coincide with the diabetes---he needs to make those changes in his diet---its all about the changes he needs to make in his lifestyle--eating habits--is he possibly a very hard worker?,...stress?. When he makes those changes (which he should) a nurse sorry--i specialize in diabetes and geriatrics, you will see a significant change in your sex life and in him---he wants to believe hes ok and has everything under control (typical male). He needs to make those changes soon...i wish you health and hapiness---tell him to stay away from the sweets!!--

  • Thanks for your advice - and yes, he is a hardworker (and hard-headed ....) He travels extensively - home approx. 3 weekends a month (explains the longevity of our union..) - his one vice has always been food. His tarot card is the Hermit - mine is the Lovers - the Hermit is right on for him. Thanks again

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