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  • After reading the thread about Keen psychics I thought I would ask about others experience with

    ASKNOW psychics. I am wondering if anyone knows if - when you sign up for one of these online psychic programs - does your name go into a database and information on your "readings." I am wondering if you have a reading with one "psychic" and they put that information into some sort of computerized data base and then you go and call another psychic in the same company, if the second "psychic" then reads the "reading" from the first psychic and gives you a "new reading" that purposefully corroborates and matches the reading from the first psychic. I would like to think that this doesn't happen - but I think that would be naive. I am just wondering if anyone knows if this does happen.

    I know that there are good psychics on some of these online companies but I also know that there are scams out there waiting to take advantage of people who need reassurance or who are desperate enough to pay a premium just for someone to talk to.


  • I would have thought they make notes. I worked for a short while doing SMS dating line and the poor guys were sms-ing like mad and they were being answered by whoever got the message on teh computer first. We had to leave notes about what was discussed and if they wanted to arrange a meetup you had to agree and the next person to answer the sms had to cancel the appointment. I would never call two different psychics about the same subject though so if my data was entered for one conversation it would have no bearing on the second conversation.

  • That's good advice for any site where you want a reading - even here. It's very easy to just click on your name and see all the posts you've made. I've never used asknow but it looks just as bad as other sites esp since their charges are so high. I would try keen first. Even if the person is a fake, you won't be wasting as much money per minute.

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  • I used to work for a few sites. I no longer work for online psychic sites, as the reader only gets a bare fraction of the price charged.

    the answer to your question is a flat no. They do not have access to records of any kind from other readers who read for clients. it's all privately done. phone reads are not recorded or stored and neither are their chats.

    the readers have no access to contact other readers and share their stories..


  • yes, your name goes into a database and that information is strictly for the webmaster and owners of the site.

    there are many ethical sites, and none of the info is shared. sorry to disappoint you.

  • Hi Ms Sunny - thanks - I know that on this forum you can see what you have written, Etc, But that's differrent. This is a place where people practice doing readings and out of complassion do readings for other people. So I think there is more trust on the forum. The reason I asked was that I had a reading by someone on one internet site. That same psychic was not available to talk to me the night I had sort of a crisis so I called another highly rated person (who was actually less expensive) She got the names of the parties involved and knew what was going on before I said anything. I was really impressed at first, then I got to thinking -- what if... I have a background in hard science and this led me to want to do an experiment. I do believe that there are gifted empaths and psychics and people who can read tarot together with their own talents and give good advice. I have met some forensic psychics that have blown me away! But this instance was really kind of incredulous for me. After the fact, I have had more than one psychic /tarot reader give me the same answers and time frames as this particular person did which led me to believe she was, indeed, very good and should be working on her own instead of getting pennies on the $5.00 per minute charge.

    So why would really good psychics work for these online companies? If they are really good then I would think that they would do better being out on their own?

  • Turtledust>>>>>After the fact, I have had more than one psychic /tarot reader give me the same answers and time frames as this particular person did which led me to believe she was, indeed, very good and should be working on her own instead of getting pennies on the $5.00 per minute charge.

    So why would really good psychics work for these online companies? If they are really good then I would think that they would do better being out on their own?

    Sunny>>>>> I have been doing this business for 40 years. the last 15 years I went professional. professional means getting paid to do the readings.

    the on line sites was not the only place I worked out of. I worked for 7 years at a New Age Bookstore that opened in the summer of 2000. I did pretty damn good financially, and I was in demand. however, there were 5 other readers at this store, so variety is offered. we never worked side by side. I worked one shift of 6 hours, and then another reader would come on and take over my shift for 6 hours. it worked well for all of us.

    then things changed.... competition grew and grew, but the demand did not grow as fast. in other words, it's about supply and demand. if you have too many readers, and the demand does not catch up. what do you think happens? each reader is not going to make as much.

    one of the readers I used to work with at this new age store, told me when she started as a reader for a very popular company called psychic source back in 1993. back then it was strictly telephone readings, and she was doing very very well. making $15 per hour, and her phone would not stop ringing. then the internet became popular starting in 1995.. after a while her phone started to ring less and less, because the competition grew. this happened to many readers not just her.

    I've lots of friends that are psychics and do readings professionally. they all say similar... not making as much money now because so many ladies have jumped on line to provide so so readings.

    there are a lot of fakes out there. you can't just go and buy a tarot deck or a few psychic development classes and think you are psychic and give readings professionally. there are many that have done just that, and you wonder why there are so many bad readers. they should do something else period.

    these online sites in my opinion should be avoided. I f you feel you have found one, and you trust your on line reader(s) then stay with them. but i fyou are unsatisfied as I hear from many, then get a clue, and find a reader through word of mouth.

    there are many wonderful readers that never go on line. why, because there are too many OCD's, psychic junkies, and psychic wannabes, that quite literally drive y ou insane. that was my number one reason for getting off line. the money is just crumbs.

    one site in particular... asknowdot com is thee worst site ever. they do whatever they can to encourage you (Reader) to keep the REPEATS coming. they love repeats. the reader will earn 20 cents per minute more. its' crap! these sites are like puppy mills they go through so many readers. they did tell me a reader has to log on 50 hours per week. if I don't commit to those hours, they will let me go. they spend $25,000 per week for advertising, and want you to be available no matter what.

    type in "psychic readers" in your google search, and you will be shown 2.700,000 million psychic readers available.

    so to answer your question, in a nutshell, a reader unless she/he is famous is not going to earn top dollar.

    honestly, a psychic reader needs to either work at another job to help pay the bills, or be married to someone that will provide the financial support.


  • Thanks Ms Sunny - You have been very kind to explain the workings of the internet readers.

    How then - do I find someone locally who is good? I have been to a couple new age stores

    and they have fliers for some people but I have no idea if they are good. I have used one their tarot reader at one store but I was not the impressed. (the other shop does not have anyone)

    There are a couple places that have signs in the windos but which have actually been closed for a while. I think that the signs are still there for nostalgic purposes.

    Maybe I should post a topic asking if anyone has any reccomendations for someone in my area? I have found one very nice reader from a reccomendation on this forum for phone readings but she is hard to get hold of. I prefer phone readings or in person readings to email or chat readings. I know that there are really good people out there. If you wouldn't mind could you respond to me. I will ask you a few more questions then. Thanks!

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  • oops, I forgot to erased the top sentence. I decided to provide the info in the above post.

    thanks, Sunny

  • can anyone do a reading on me... i just got two readings and am very confused... one told me i was going to have a hard time in love with the man im interested with, and another that answered my question on having a reading says it isnt the man im interested in it is another man im to be with for now or however long she didnt mention for life or not... can someone clarify this for me please... jaffeebella

  • Hi Ms Sunny -- thanks! you can email me if you like and I will give you my location. I am in N.Calif East of SF. There used to be all kinds of people in Berkeley , which I could probably get to but the good ones are hard to ferret out. - unfortunately SF is just too far for me to go. Out where I am at - there just isn't much. But I did find one place I did not know about and am going to check that one out. THey have someone who reads runes, which I know nothing about.

  • I live in Santa Barbara, California, and yes i am familiar with Berkeley. are you close by Sacramento? even in a small town you should find someone.. but check around for a spiritualist church.

    Runes are interesting... I do runes too.. interesting reads from Runes stones.

    if you put your email addy down here, it's gets deleted pretty fast. so I don't know .. I did that once for a few others here, and it was removed within minutes.. oh well.

    I wish you all the best.. Sunny

  • turledust, I found the below info on how to get an accurate psychic read. written by another on line psychic.

    Getting psychic readings can be a fun a productive experience if you approach the situation in a healthy way. Accuracy of predictions vary from person to person. This is often because of the way the situation is approached, the way questions are asked and how the information is used. There are a few thing you can do to enhance the accuracy of your readings.

    Avoid unnecessary distractions.

    Above all, pay attention! Don’t call your psychic when you’re driving or in the middle of ordering a meal at McDonalds. If you aren’t focused on the question, it makes it harder to pick up on. If you have a lot of stuff going on in the background, it makes it harder for a psychic to focus on your question. On a simpler note, make sure you are using a clear connection to call. If it’s a cell phone, make sure it’s a good signal. If you are using an earpiece or headset, make sure it is functioning properly. Otherwise, the distraction of trying to hear or understand you may take away from the focus that could be on your reading.

    Be CALM when you call your psychic. Sometimes this is hard to do and sometimes you may call an advisor because you are in a high state of anxiety. An experienced advisor may be able to help calm you down to ask the right questions. However, try to calm down as much as possible before calling. Calling in a frazzled or freaking out state makes it more difficult for the person talking to you to focus, simply because the anxiety is distracting. If you are distressed, take a few minutes to write down why you are distressed and what questions are pressing to you. Having your thoughts organized and a list of questions that focus on your concerns will help your psychic focus on the best way to address your concerns and advise you.

    Avoid playing “test the psychic” or refusing to give information. This does NOT mean you give details of your situation. It means, do not withhold basic information requested such as birthday, name, etc. need to give the reading. It is also very important that you do not lie or present situations in a false light. Some do this to see if we will “pick up” the lie. That will confuse the reading. A psychic will generally not assume that you are lying and may become confused when getting something contrary to what they have been told. It may cause them to go over and over information trying to figure out what they are getting is so different from what they have been told. I have had several people play his game with me, wasting 20 of their paid minutes or more. In one case, after they confessed they were lying and testing, I blocked them form contacting me again. My confusion in trying to figure out why I was getting something they insisted wasn’t true and later admitted was, wasn’t worth the headache. Few psychics will be rude enough to accuse you of lying anyway. A true professional will have people skills and few are so rude they accuse their customers of being a liar. Don’t put us in a position where we have to be rude. Many of us would rather not deal with someone again than call them out on their untruths.

    If you make up a completely fake story, you may be surprised to get a reading on the fake story. Readings are based on energy. If you create a false energy, the psychic may pick up on that. It does invariably come with indications that it is false, superficial or untrue, but again, we don’t assume you’re lying so may interpret it as something else.

    Ask clear and precise questions related to your concern. The best way to get accurate answers is to be as specific as possible. From experience, I have seen the more specific question that is asked, the more specific the answer. A question like “What do I have coming up for me?” may be responded to with information that is true, but not what you may consider pertinent. A trip to the grocery store. Your neighbor down the street will invite you for lunch. The computer system at work will fail. If you want a general reading, and don’t mind this, be general. However, most people want to know about more specific situations. Deciding what you want to know about before the call will help you focus specifically on those areas and avoid wasting your time with information that may be true but not of interest.

    Avoid asking the same questions over and over. Sometimes when there is a need for knowledge or insight on a situation, we get desperate. We get answers, but we don’t accept them. We want more. Sometimes the answer is plain, and its given to us. Asking again will not help. You may ask a few times and get a consistent answer but if you ask it many times within the same day or week, eventually the universe will decide you are not accepting the answer and give mish mash. You may get wildly different answers or you may begin to get confusing answers that don’t seem to relate to the question.

    If you consult multiple psychics, please keep notes and not who told you what. Many people will call multiple readers, remember parts of it and melt the whole thing in to their own story. This is not productive and creates confusion. Each person may pick up on different aspects, which may all be right in their own respects. Some may be dead on accurate and some may be flat out wrong. Mixing the info just confuses things when trying to get the most out of each reading. Try keeping track of specifically what each person says in a separate note or file, with the date. It can be difficult to keep up with writing during a conversation, so I suggest you try typing on to a computer notepad instead. Its faster and easier to organize.

    If you find some psychics pick up on you better than others, consult those that are more accurate. Don’t worry about those that don’t . Its normal. If someone who is accurate for others does not pick up you correctly, it does not necessarily mean anything is wrong with you. Its not their fault and its not your fault. One may pick up you but not others and vice versa. What’s most productive is to find who works best with you and stick with them.

    Please note: if you constantly find that no psychic picks up on you, you should take a step back and analyze why you are still trying. Many psychics cannot pick up on someone is bipolar, has OCD or another mental illness. Sadly, the disturbance the illness causes in the thought processes can throw off the person’s energy and it may make it impossible to pick up on. Some of us also will not pick up on someone calling with the intent to get information to do harm, as we specifically ask the universe to not allow our gifts to be used for harm.

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  • I would like to answer on some points you have made. I will get into this topic tomorrow when I am not so tired.

    you sound like me 20 years ago. but back then we did not have the internet.

    just one thing I wish to write here....something for you to think about ..

    if what you say is true, how would the webmaster know (in advance) who'd be the next reader you would choose for your next reading??? assuming you are with one website.

    the readers have no way to contact other readers to share the clients story. that is unethical. I would never in a million years work for any site that would operate in such a manner.


  • MS Sunny - that's true - the only way they would know would be is if you were on one websitr and there was some sort of data base log kept where the reader pulled up the person by their IP address or something. I just find it fascinating because I believe in psychics yet my background keeps urging me to "test it." Its quite annoying really.

  • if an IP address were to show up for the reader, then the reader would be able to connect with that client privately. then who would need to work for those lousy websites. LOL that would require high tech savvy.. these sites does not work like the way your mind operates lol

    AND why would any reader in their right mind want to work for a site like that anyway. there would be no sets of skills needed then. you would not need to be psychic. AND who would be the first reader for all other readers to follow?

    you are not making much sense with your theories. and the way your mind operates no amount of answers are going to satisfy you.

    either you accept what they say as truth, and that there is no FILE kept stored in a computer database that is all about your life. there is no one that will satisfy you regardless. sorry but that is the truth.

    I used to do accounting for a living, and then I went into counseling and psychic healing work. I worked in a NEW AGE BOOKSTORE for 7 years and before I went on-line. they never had records of anyone that we never seen before, that we could look up a file, and tell them their story. and then we would have to store it somewhere for other readers to pick up just in case that client comes back into the store.

    I don't think you are not making any remote sense here.


  • There is one other thing I would like to point out. maybe 2 more things lol

    first off, if this were a telephone reading, how would I pull the information on the client? and then, how long would it take for me to read the client's profile/story. while I would be reading the file on the client, the minutes are ticking away. your free 5 minutes would simply go to waste.

    secondly, same goes for live chat readings. there are very few places that offer live chat. most are telephone only and some do offer emails.

    as for live chat... and let's say your theory is correct, that I could simply pull up their IP addy and read their file before I were to begin the reading. how long would all that take?

    your free minutes would go to waste, and the client would be screaming to get on it, as each minute is damn expensive!!!

    have you considered that those you have connected with are actually for real?


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