• Hello ! May I please have a love reading. Iam soooooo in love with my Childhood Friend. I need to know what's up ! Thank you in advance.

    ME: 10-24-80

    HIM: 6-30-82

    Thanks again !!!!!

  • This relationship is likely to be highly spiritual, no matter how physical it seems. You two are often at one in your submission to and acknowledgment of a higher power. In this sense the relationship often has religious overtones, but not necessarily formal ones. No matter what activitites you two share, you will always put your whole hearts into it and give it your best shot, but ultimately will leave the outcome up to fate, or a more personal deity.

    You two may see your relationship as blessed or consecrated. Neither of you is very selfish and will be more interested in a precious kind of intimacy which you know you must never take for granted or betray. Anything immoral or underhand about this relationship would mean the end of it. These attitudes can make life difficult if the relationship breaks up - you two are usually incapable of the sort of unserious, realistic or cynical stance that would make separating easier. A period of grieving is generally needed here before new romantic connections with others can be undertaken.

    You two are well matched whether as friends or competitiors. Fairness is always an issue here. You admire each other's skills and there are no hard feelings if you have to compete against each other. The strengths of this combination are its spirituality and its well matched heartfelt nature - its weak points can be that it is over-serious, undirected, amd ego-deficient.

  • Thank you very much . I don't quite understand it though.

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