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  • lilacrose //

    Your card is Nine of Wand(Reverse) and Nine of Wand means

    Nine of Wands means that the powers are all ready. If this refers to a specific person or an organization, it means the state of overwhelming the audience, the state of completed development. The state where the preparation of supplies and troops is finished before a war. It can also be interpreted as a complete readiness to respond immediately to whatever comes.

    but your card is reverse. Nine of Wand(Reverse)'s keywords are being overruled, Loss of energy, new opportunities.

    Maybe you'll be in a difficult position but in this time, you can get the turning point.

    You can see the image of card in here :

  • well... I'll come back tomorrow.


  • Wbambi thanks for the reading!

  • Dear Wbambi ,

    Thankyou so much for the reading, i really appreaciate you taking your time to do this for me .Many blessings 2u Lilac .

  • Wbambi,

    Thank you for the reading. It makes sense. I am very realistic but my partner often seems to live in a fantasy and it makes achieving our goals as a a couple difficult. SOmetimes, I think my fantasy is that our relationship will work out .


  • Dear Wbambi,

    Hello, just thought I would ask if you can do a reading for me?

    not sure what direction my life is going in,

    have a love interest, but will anything come of it?

    also if I should continue with the career I am in, if the

    finances will get better??

    thanks so much! Blessings!

  • hello, im nit sure how many reading have been done today, so if im to late today, then i can hold till tomarrow. i would like a love reading. is my ex completly out of my life for good? what do see in the cards for me as far as anyfuture relationships?

    thank for giving your time and advise 🙂


  • Hi Wbambi, can you do a reading for me? Birthday 10/11/50. Concerned about my health and want to know what is going on with a certain guy in my life. Thanks.


  • i dident leave my DOB, oops. its 1/26/1981

  • WBambi thank you so much for your reading and Well what i understood is that we just have to be patient right that it will take awhile for him to get out. Is that what your reading meant. I just want to make sure I understood it all.

  • lissette89 //

    Your card is Nine of Pentacle. This card means :

    This is happiness in a very simple meaning. It depicts that more than enough is sacrificed and paid for it. It can be also seen as giving up various things for single fragment of happiness. It shows that the happiness was so desperately wanted that one had to give up everything, and then, is satisfied dearly with it.

    and the keywords are As this involves sacrifice of happiness, Cost.

    under the sacrifice, you can get the hapiness of life.

    You can see your card image in here:

  • sweetoty //

    Your card is Knave of Cup. This card means:

    When nurturing a child, a treat is the most common reward. When a reward accompanies even the smallest praise, a child dreams more and raises ideals. One may also feel similar feelings among people who have similar things. A subject that one can relate to, not through a set path but through a procedure of pursuit, is like the treat that is given as an award to the child.

    and Knave of Cup's keywords are fiction, serenity, a light eye.

    relax and keep your composure first then you can get the chance someday.

    You can see your card image in here:

  • tonib3741 //

    Your card is The Lovers. and this card means:

    Love is always illustrated as images of the Lovers. If one is preoccupied with the thought of a particular person even in the place of the endless happiness and joy, that is love. Eyes of those who have fallen in love cannot take in the surroundings. They are blinded. Everything is shimmering and sparkling, and the lover brings endless emotion of tender affection. Anyone can fall in love. Even if that is not a love between two human beings…

    The Lovers's keywords are adult relationships, karma, positive relationships.

    You can see your card image in here:

  • taurusbaby22 //

    It will be painful to waiting. Be adamant to temptation. With patience, everything will be alright.

  • Good Morning:)

    I would love for you see, if I will have some good news coming my way soon.

    April 21,1973

    Thanks In Advance,

  • Wbambi

    Please do a reading for the future in my personal life?

  • pilot007 //

    Your card is The Hanged Man. This card means:

    The one who dangles from train handles head down, peeking underneath a mini skirt is called the H man. In the modern society, the H man, a pervert, is this kind of individual: an individual that everyone wants to avoid but always exists somewhere in the world, on the verge, making unwanted problems. Sometimes, the H men are aware themselves that they are doing wrong, but there are always those helpless losers that cannot be fixed.

    and The Hanged Man's keywords are stupid, anti-war, new ways of thinking, courage, courage, reckless challenges and actions.

    Sometimes change is needed. Puff out your chest and be brave. Then good news will come to you.

    You can see your card image in here:

  • drgagannagi //

    Your card is The Hermit. This card means:

    There are always reasons for not concentrating and doing something else during a lecture; it does not really matter even if one gets caught, but there is an element of fun in doing something in secret. The point is satisfying oneself rather than showing it to someone else. That is because the series of events loses its meaning as soon as it is shown. Of course, doodling cartoons or playing game during a lecture is the same. Reaching for a goal that can only be achieved through self-satisfaction, they are choosing that path.

    and The Hermit's keywords are eternal purity, muguham, honesty, virtue, fair.

    You can see your card image in here:

  • It's 5:00 pm in my place and I'll come back tomorrow.


  • My question is: Do you see an end of my money problems, and a start of me looking out for myself instead of always looking out for others? I am desperatly seeking help!

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