Two of Wands keeps showing up

  • I've messed with tarot cards on and off for years and at one time was pretty good with them, though I tend to have more psychic feelings then anything.

    Back almost 3 years ago my husband left me for my best friend but lately I can't get my mind off of him. I remarried and he went on later to marry her.

    I honestly can't get him off my mind though and I am wondering if we are going to get back together. Sometimes I do short readings and sometimes longer and I want to believe the best but I don't want any false hopes either.

    In short a lot of times the lovers pops up right side up or the 2 of Wands. The other night I had our daughter and my step daughter pull cards and my daughter pulled the lovers and my step daughter pulled the moon reversed. I wanted to know where things were heading though I didn't tell my girls that.

    Yesterday I did a 9 card reading Ex lover spread that I found on another website which is done like this:

    1. Past history of the querent's relationship.

    2. Where the querent is now.

    3. Where the querent's ex is now.

    4. What the querent really feels about getting back together with their ex.

    5. What their ex really feels about getting back together with the querent.

    6. Who or what opposes what the querent wants.

    7. Who or what can help the querent get what they want.

    8. Something the querent may not know about the situation.

    9. Outcome.

    My corresponding cards were this:

    1. Knight of Coins

    2. The Sun

    3. The Star reversed

    4. 3 Of Wands

    5. 6 Swords

    6. The Fool

    7. 2 Swords

    8. King Swords

    9. 2 of wands

    Does anyone have any thoughts? Is this a positive reading? I feel like it is, but I am just unsure.


  • I'm a straight shooter when it comes to reading, so let me start by saying that anything I convey, I am doing with love and compassion, and is intended in the most gentle way possible.

    My thoughts:

    Your past relationship (Knight of Coins) - a young, passionate, earthly relationship, like young lovers who think with their hearts (and hormones) instead of their heads

    You now (The Sun) - you have what you want, you're happy

    Him now (The Star Reversed) - he's not sure of what he wants, and I think it scares him to consider his options

    How you feel about getting back together (3 of Wands) - I see it as "that ship has sailed", meaning the relationship is done, but I wonder if you see it as ships returning to port?

    Who/what opposes what you want (The Fool): the feeling of not knowing for sure what the outcome will be

    Who/what can help you get what you want (2 of Swords): You have to choose/decide what you want

    Something you don't know about the situation (King of Swords): You say that you remarried. If you are still married, have you considered the affect of your feelings/actions on your spouse?

    Outcome (Two of Wands): Choices put into action. What you ultimately decide will be the direction in which you go.

    When I read your post heading, a song lyric ran through my head. It goes:

    One step, I make an imprint

    Two steps, I'm not done yet

    Draw the other leg up,

    and the pace is set

    Speaking about your situation, and not about the reading directly, I wonder why you would consider being with someone who has already cheated on you before? Love (to me) is about respect, among other things. When I am at a real loss for how to proceed, I try to ask myself, what would my mother do/say? If that doesn't work, I then ask myself, if my daughter were in my situation, what advice would I give her?

    I hope this helps you.

    Love & Light,


  • Thanks Tru!

    I did pick up almost the same exact things you did ironically!

    More from me later!

    I am bed bound with a bad knee at the moment, but I will write more in a bit!

    Thanks again I do very much so appreciate your time!!!!!

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