Am I drowning my Virgo man?!!

  • I'm sorry that you have to go through that emotional harvoc. My advice to you is leave him. He will not value you as long as he knows you'll be emotional and time invested in him. He's obviously still thinking about his ex-girlfriend. Who would still drive pass where your ex live?

    I'm a true Aquarius woman. I was dating a Virgo man. We broke up last week. Based on my experience, the Virgo man is a very emotional person. He cried when he's overwhelmed about how he feels toward me. Everytime he feels like he's going to lose me or going to fall for me - he cried. We're only been with each other for 4 months and he told me he loved me. He can't control his temper (not violent). He's a needy and clingy boyfriend. When he's out with his friends at the club or bar, he wanted me to tell him that i'm jealous if he makes passes to girls. He wanted me to profess my love toward him and that I have to love him 100%. He always felt that he was the only one that put too much interest in the relationship. When things go wrong, he was quick to say that the problem lies in me, not him. Because I don't put 100% of myself for him. He always said that he had never ever done anything more for a girl but just with me. But I thought we're supposed to sacrifice and do things unconditional when we're in a relationship, not doing things to bring them up later! It's always about him (how i have to always love him, he wanted me whole, his days, and i have to always drop everything to cuddle with him). He loves me to tell his style is great. I did try to tell him that one of his shirts wasn't nice and he flipped out. He was highly-overly critical of me by picking on my grammar mistakes and how I move to slow in loving him. He wasn't neat and can be dirty at times. Even though he was critical of me he couldn't take it when I tell him what his problems are. Although he always asked me to be honest with him. We, Aquarian, are very honest and we believe when someone asks for it - they must ready for it. But this Virgo man wasn't ready. I did like him a lot because he's a good person besides those annoying traits. He's a loving, passionate, great in bed, and can be caring. I tried to think of the good times we had and yes i admitted i will not get over him quickly. It's because i want to punish myself for being adamant about myself identity. Aquarian beats to their own drum and take time in falling in love. My pace frustrated him. My independent self and inability to emotional attach to someone quickly caused him to feel overwhelmed. I do feel sorry for that but I will stop having him manipulate me into thinking that it's my fault that the relationship ended. Love is unconditional. I don't do things to just bring it up later. I do things for my boyfriend because he deserves it and to my heart content.

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