Captain.... Can you please help me again??

  • Again... I am searching for a new job in the next 3 weeks... I am scared of what will happen if I don't get one.....

    When do you see me getting a job??

    Thanks so much... again.....

  • According to your numerology, 2010 denotes a highly karmic period where things can happen quickly and fortunes can be made and lost. If you are of the right mind and heart, great things can be achieved; however, what is gained quickly can be lost at the same speed. In general this year is a high energy time and a good time for making money. The best numbers for investing in 2010 are 1, 4, 8, 11, 22 and 44.

    This month of July is when anything that needs to drop out of your life or be left behind may well do exactly that. Your creativity is at its peak so you’re likely to have a million ideas floating around in your head. Don’t be impulsive. Take your time. There can be some difficulties this month due to your desire to tackle whatever obstacles are in your way. Your courage and strength may be severely tested several times, which may feel more challenging that you hoped but at the same time you will feel relieved as you sense very strongly that you are on the brink of a positive breakthrough.

    August 2010 is the best month for seeking out new opportunity - it's a time to begin again but in a new way. This is a time to clarify your goals and it is a time to act on them. Hard work may be necessary to get a new venture moving. Your physical strength will be up during this month, perhaps higher than it has been for some time, as you have some special needs for this extra energy. If you are unable or unwilling to answer the call to change and make the move in your life that appears necessary now, your prospects may be delayed. Because of this, you feel like an adventure, a major change in your life, something new. New goals should be clearly set and worked toward, as this is really the beginning of a new cycle and it is best not to dwell on the past at this time. This will be fairly easy for you to do because most of the problems and disappointments of the past will tend to disappear, leaving the way open for these new challenges. This is a great time; use it to its full advantage.

    September 2010 also looks very good for career, so to me it feels like you will get a job in August (or at the very least more money) and then you will be settling in very well to it in September, meeting new people and building good relationships.

    I know it may seem a long way away now but August 2011 promises to be for you an even more spectacular time for making money and attracting bonuses and winnings.

  • Wow no wonder so much is going on at the moment.... One day will be horrible and the next will be a blessing.... I really don't know whether I am up or down anymore.... I want to take action to rectify all of this but I feel as if I am stuck..... And every step forward it is about 3 backwards..... I guess it is all about to happen though so I probably should just sit back and enjoy the ride.... Sooooo hard for me....... lol

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