To Captain

  • Hello Captain,

    I recently just found out about you. I posted in your picture thread, but would appreciate a more personal reading if possible.

    I am open to anything you can tell me. I am interested in my past lives, advice in spirituality, reincarnation (especially for my soulmate, my dog Keke - waiting for reunion),which steps I should take next in my physical life to fulfill the next purpose, and any other insight you can provide which would be helpful to me right now.

    It is much appreciated. Thank you for this opportunity. I love you!

  • What is your birthdate?

  • July 29, 1984

    11:43 AM in Chonju, South Korea

  • Blmoon is someone to ask about past lives. I prefer to deal with the present.

    Sweetpawz, your natural generosity of spirit combines well with your talent for sefl-assertion to enable you to get your message across to others. You are gifted with a broad view of life's issues and a wide philosophical perspective on the world. However there is a danger you may collapse into self-interest or purely manipulative/egotistical behaviours if you are not mindful. You want reform and change, yet you can be rather fixed and inflexible in some of your attitudes. Yet that quality can also provide you with greater stability and increase your potential for effectiveness.

    You must learn how to balance work and play and to slow down and steady your energies. You must cultivate patience and curb your rebellious impulses. You are blessed with a passionate brand of inspiration and versatility, and need to know how to harness your energies to maximum effect. You have a restless active mind that can burn out easily by trying to do too many things at once. You get bored easily but you must stick to and finish each project you start before moving onto the next one.

    You are a born leader - when you see a problem, you want to overturn it, change it or fix it. But you will never achieve anything of lasting value until you force yourself to slow down, modulate your emotional mood swings, and take one thing at a time. You need to stop and think before you act or speak because you tend to over-react. Try to calm those feisty energies of yours (try some meditation) - you are like a wild horse that needs to be tamed before anyone can work with you. Learn to be in the present moment instead of thinking ahead or back. You need to stop and listen to what other people are saying so that you can get a bigger view of the whole picture. You have to learn to really talk and listen to people and not just 'perform' for them. Your need to be loved and admired can interfere with the job you have to do in the world to bring harmony, uniting people by raising their consciousness and opening their eyes and ears to new approaches to life.

  • Thank you so much Captain for taking the time to do this reading. You are too kind and sweet. Love you very much!

  • Hi Captain,

    I noticed your insights have a lot of substance and would love the chance for a reading. I usually don't go around asking people I don't know for help but if you were willing, your expertise will be most appreciated.

    If this helps: Birthdate: November 05,1980 12:13PM Wednesday Honolulu, HI

    Scorpio sun, Libra moon and Aquarius rising (female)

    I was curious about career and love specifically. I was wondering about the type of work I'll be getting into. If I had answered the call earlier in life I'd be a surgeon right now, but took the scenic route to self realization instead 😞

    And as far as significant others go I was just wondering what you saw. Like his sign, if I've already met him, the type of person he is, his profession etc. Basically details silly 29 year olds would love to know about.

    I'm not sure what your specialties are so if access to some of this information is out of your jurisdiction, then it's ok.

    Also if your don't have the time, no biggie, I will continue to enjoy your posts as I love people who know what they are talking about 🙂

    And if you get any visits from spirits asking you to limit what you say to me because of unfair advantages or how they share enough information with me as it is or how I'm taking the fun and suprise out of this whole process then I will understand also. I'm just so bored right now is all. And really freaking out about the whole not working thing. I feel like giving up. Thank you either way!

  • Chloe, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page.

  • Also Chloe if you have no idea of who or what you want in your life, then you are seriously out of touch with yourself. You need to go much deeper into yourself in order to gain the insight to understanding. When you know what you want, then you can pursue it.

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