Gemeni - Pisces

  • I'm looking for consel of advice on pursuing a relationship with a Pisces based on Astrology.

    Self -

    Sun sign: Gemeni

    Moon sign: Scorpio

    Rising sign: Aquarius

    Chinese sign: Rooster

    Signifigant other: Feb. 20. birthday. also a rooster. Anything I've heard thus far warns against, or of troubles and lousy compatibility for a Gemeni - Pisces match up.

    The Situation: I noticed this individual several years ago - but let them drop from my mind due to a the oppisition from a friend - literally the week this intrest occured. In the last couple of months I have actually become aquainted with him through various functions - as well as developed a relationship in which we are close friend's and confident's. I've held him in intrest throughout these recent months but due to him being in a relationship already, continued to keep my feelings to myself.

    Now having broken off his previous relationship, I am more sure then ever I want to have a romatic relationship with him. Should I pursue this though..........?

    Based on the fact that my moon sign is a water, I figure that might smooth out potentail incomopatibility problems....Furthermore, I have never been in an actual relationship although I've made many attmepts to pursue one. Supposedly Pisces is "clingy, needy, ect." and Gemeni is supposedly likely to cater poorly to their emotional needs.... however personally, I want to live my life for some one esle and to take care of them. If I could have a relationship with this person I would make sure they knew they were loved. But I'm the same way my self... as a child of divorce, I want someone to be aware of my emotions and assure me that someone loves me. I have always been wildy imaginiative, and overwhelmingly indulgent to fiction/fantasy in my own life, perfering to live in my head - as supposedly a pisces does.... and Gemeni's apperantly don't understand this sort of thing either.... As a pisces, and based on personal observation this guy who I want to pursue is hyper senstive, again so to am I. People have been whining that i'm too over sensitive my entire life! But in my mind there's nothing wrong with over caring about others feelings and for that matter actually paying attention to your own!

    Off this information, and the astrological information concerning pisces and gemeni, can I make this happen? Please let me know your opinion.

  • Sorry - but I should add to I think I may have recieved some invitation of encouragement towards a relationship from this guy when I spoke with him last week - We were on the subject of socail groups and how we felt uncomfortable around other people and how I feel socaily impossible - then some how got on the subject of how I feel utterly unattractive to anyone...His response was, "What seriously?!" You think your're ugly?"


    "You're beautiful! How can you think that!" - in absolute untter disbelief....

    "No, no I'm really not..."

    "Yes you are - look at yourself!" - I shook my head no.

    "No seriously look at yourself, - you are beautiful"

    My response was, "Thanks, now if only I could covince myself of that someday...." - Said jokingly.

    At this point we arrived at our destination and I got out of the car on that sentance. And suprisingly didn't feel akward in the slightest...thats the thing this guy never makes me feel akward, if anything I feel like I actually want to open up about myself...

    But I include this because, my pisces guy here thinks of himself as " a physcologist without a degree" and a devoted friend. I don't know if this was meant in the context of a freind trying to reassure a friend and inspire confindiance... or that and or a possible first moe/indication an intrest in me.

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