My boyfriend says he loves me, but why is it he hardly talks to me

  • I've been on and off with my boyfriend, but i completely have fallen in love with him, he see's me and when we are together it's the best, then when we are apart he hardly speaks to me as he much as he used to, to the point im gettinf offended, can someone explain this situation and tell me abit about it please

  • the king of pentacles=he means what he says but something has been taking up alot of his time like perhaps hes very busy with work or trying to work on a project,i dont think he means to hurt you. the star means the relationship may be tested abit. the last card we have here is temperance,things can be worked out. i think you shouldtry talking to him about this.

  • I'm a very insecure person so when you say something is taking up his time, im thinking of a more negative reason, and what do you mean by the relationship is being tested abit?

  • i mean the 2 of you may be facing some difficulties but together is you just talk and listen to eachother you can make it through. like i said he doesnt mean any malice towards you so i think its better if you just talk to him and tell him how you feel. hope this helps.

  • thank you

  • your welcome

  • You've been on and off again with your boyfriend. So, he knows that the joy he feels when he is with you could be fleeting. When you are apart he practices restraint and self-control (doesn't call you, doesn't want to feel dependant on the relationship) so in the event you are "off again" he will know how to emotionally accept it. It's difficult to show steady emotions when the ground is constantly shifting below your feet.

  • well it makes me feel like he don't care or think about me, I can understand why he's doing it but it will eventually push me away, because i will think he don't care.

  • AngelGirll,

    Have you ever been so busy you actually put off peeing? I beleive he needs time to focus on his career and you are taking it personally. Why? Love encompasses all-not just "Hi, honey; What are you doing?"

    If you know yourself and I MEAN really KNOW yourself and trust your love for him; calm down.

    You need to take an inventory of yourself ; what is causing such a melt down..why are you beating yourself up because he doesn't talk alot when he is focused on something else?

    Give yourself a break.

    If he climbs into a cave; let him.

    It has nothing to do with has to do with you.

    When he's busy, do the things you like to do.; bubble bath, a manicure, rest or reading.

    I am positive, if you avail yourself to the "economic recovery"; perhaps he is worried about his job? Perhaps, he is worried about how much money he will make...

    Nothing like a shopping spree, lunch with your friends or a day or night of pure luxury..whatever you can do to help yourself.

    Making his silence-the vein of YOUR existence is frankly,an exercise in futility.

    So, STOP. Inhale. Create "your time" the best way you know how.

    Go, AngelGirll!

  • Thankyou Hazydaze i understand what your saying i just need to be more independent, and trust that he's not doing anything he shouldn't be doing, I understand him worrying about work he has currently been looking for a job, I just think if someone loves you they wan't to spend as much time with you as possible. I wan't to learn to go out myself be able to not think about what he's doing so i can have my own busy life going on.

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