Promise to take your advice....

  • Some people have read about my anguish over a cancer male (im scorpio) and how confusing it has been. And while Im patient I need advice on two questions.

    First footnotes on background:

    Known him for three months. We are intimate when we see each my place. I asked him if he wanted to be exclusive, he said sure but I think he said that didnt really mean it. Never initiates anything nor says no to anything. E.g. wanna come over tomoorrow night...his response is always, "sure". He was actively texting, havent heard too much from him. We have a plan to meet tomorrow night, but I was hopinh to move it tonight.


    1. Is it too much to ask what he is up to tonight and whther he'd like to do soemthing?

    2. Is he blowing me off? (and dont worry about my feelings, I may just need someone to tell me)

    Needed to get this off my chest, thanks for tolerating my blabbering about this guy.....yew

  • Nevermind on the response....I was impatient and sent the text anyway; "Hey what are you up to tonight?" ...his response....."running"

    Im too old for guessing and trying to figure him out. I like him very very much, and the sex is out of this world amazing. But Im always confused and his lack of communication has made me insecure about myself. This isnt how it should feel, I have been in love once and it is never stressful (well at least not on a constant basis).

    So I text him that perhaps this weekend was not a good idea overall :(. of course no response....the no response is my response :)....Im feeling really sad abotu this decision but at the same time relieved!

    Now for some recooperation time......

  • Wow ! Reading this is like Deja vu !! Your second paragraph took the words right out of my mouth !!!

    Don't guys know that the worst response to give someone is no response at all !!!

  • i think they should know that the worst response is no response at all.... maybe someone needs to tell them!!!!!!!

  • he's not that into you. you are a booty caller. get smart get rid of this jerk and get on with your life.

    How old are you? i dont mean to be caustic but its so obvious that hes just using you and hes not even making the booty are!!! i wish love for you/ move on!!!!! Perfectchild

  • Thanks perfectchild, I had come to that conclusion.

    Ironically I found out this past saturday that Im pregnant :). Im 28 years old, a working professional living alone in Manhattan. I do have a very supportive and loving family...but some are in Oklahoma and some in Seattle-very far away.

    This is my first pregnancy, Im 5 weeks pregnant and scared shitless. I have not told him yet...but right now he is not of my concern. Once I get a hold of my situation and how Im going to handle it then I'll fill him in. HE is not of my concern anymore. wish me luck!!!

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  • 🙂 thank you very much notshy2bme, means alot

  • Oh goodness ! Good luck !

    Scorpioinlove.. have you ever given him the space and the chance to come to you ?

    Just wondering... cause i have had scorpion bestfriends..and a scorpio love when i was younger...and the bestfriend always demanded things from me.. including meeting up etc, i found it very controling,and would end up agreeing to it because i didnt want to upset her. As for the scorpion love, he too was very demanding and controling.. always needed the reassurances..and im an aquarius..i need space.. as do brother is a cancerian.

    He helped me give advise to someone the other night, and he said so himself, if a girl constantly makes all the moves to attend to all his needs and wishes, he feels he doesnt have to do much and therefore gets bored. He likes a girl who stands up for herself and does what she wants, rather than to always make it so easy for him. Hope we help. And hugs for the good news ! x o x o x

  • Hi Ethereal27; thanks for the hugs :), needed that

    Yes I had been following your advice to kaplow with the insider info you get from your brother :). Here is a brief description of our history;

    We met a little over three months ago and it was truly a great meeting. We stood outside by my front door talking from 1am-3am...he leaned over to kiss me on the cheek lol and I leaned over and kissed him. Then we stood out there making out until sunrise (5am). It was very romantic.

    Generally I’m used to guys asking me out and following-up after first dates...however he would text everyday but never make a plan. So very casually I would ask if he wanted to join for a movie, come with me and watch sports with my friends, lunch and etc. He never said no...he was/ usually always available but again will never initiate a plan. I had once said to him I liked him very much and he kissed me quite passionately but didn’t say anything back. I once asked him about that and he said, "I’m a man of few words". As a Scorpio this frustrates the hell out of me because the little things he does and how he kisses and makes love to me would indicate strong feelings. Last weekend when I sent a message about changing the date to Friday he finally replied and said he was ‘running’ [he does marathons]…that was all his response. So I wrote maybe this weekend wasn’t such a good idea…he immediately wrote back saying Saturday was still good for him. So we met on Saturday night (after I found out the news) and he stayed all Sunday with me. Again though there are no expressions of emotions, but he seems to love the little things I do, like scratch his back, little kisses now and then. He once said I was cute….crazy but that made me happy. I had suggested I cook dinner for us last night (I’d never done this for him), he is notorious for being work, to practice, coming over to my place, to races. So I told him since I was cooking to please try and be there between 7:30-8pm and bring white wine for the cooking. Long story short he showed up at 8:40pm. I’m not sure if it was the hormones, but I was furious and he had never seen me like that....I told him that I wasn’t a group of people at a race, or people at work who don’t care if he is late, I’m one person cooking a meal for us and waiting on him and the least he could have done was send a text saying he was late…I teared up as I spoke…again I’m just all around moody. He didn’t say much, just looked at me and after my rant said he was sorry. This made me feel good, to express what my feelings were and not have him running out the door! Lol afterwards we had a good dinner, watched tv and talked about politics and extra. It was also the first time he opened up a little more about himself. He was a lot more loving and gentle with me the rest of the night. I was too scared to ruin it and tell him the ‘news’. Throughout the night/morning he had some shoulder problem that I helped massage out but eventually I fell asleep at 4am. In the morning I left him at my place with an extra key as I had to go to work. We have plans to meet on Saturday night and then go to a carnival on Sunday.

    Ok what do you think so far? How do you think he’ll take the news?? How would youir brother react?? How do I break it to him?

    thanks R

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes I understand telling him sooner rather then later is the best and he has that right (and of course Im going to tell him). But Im quite alone here, no family support (who are extremely conservative) I havent even told my closest friends. I needed the time to think

    Its very true, his reaction will tell me about him, which is why Ive prolonged this....Im scared he is going to be mean or disrespectful...which I doubt but perhaps its my own small fears.

    I know this is life changing matter for him too. But more so for me; this is my body, my career, my apartment, my financial situation.

    He does know Im not using birth control, we had been using condoms. One drunken night we had unprotected sex- he didnt seem worried but the next day I got plan B. But apart from that I do not remeber any other time we were careless.

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