What Does Motherhood Mean To You?

  • Motherhood is as important in divination as it is in our personal, everyday lives. Symbols of motherhood are everywhere in Tarot (the Empress, the World and the various Queens of each suit) and in Astrology (Earth's Moon, the goddess asteroids and the Fourth House, which rules Motherhood). .

    What do you think about motherhood in general, or about the mother-child relationships among your friends and family? Do any of the mother figures symbolized in Tarot or Astrology speak to you? How has being a mother – or your relationship with your mother -- affected you?

  • I am totally immersed in being a Mother! My son,10 1/2, was a preemie and has Special Needs.

    I am almost 24/7 in a very real advocate position and am trying my best not to let it overwhelm me! We are here together...but not alone..or ever have been! We have such a close bond and are very blessed! I am so happy to say that he is working very hard to overcome the obstacles that he has...both mentally and physically! Thank the heavens above for us to be able to be together and pray that we will always feel like striving ! I am so glad that Tarot.com has finally opened up to us this way!

  • Here were some messages from you folks that made OUR Mother's Day special:

    "Hi, this is not a question but a 'Thank you' note. I just took advantage of your free Tarot reading for Mother's Day, I loved it and this was the first chance I had to use it. Loved it and thank you so much once again. I really enjoy those gifts you offer at special times. I appreciate your generosity a lot."

    • Lorraine

    "I just want to thank you so much for the Mother's Day gift. I have been a member since (I think) 1999, and you are the ONLY one who generously gives honor and free gifts to its members. Once again, as a mom and a member, THANK YOU."

    ~ Lisa

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  • I was born to be Mother to my son Simon. He is my life, my heart, my hopes, my dreams. I am here to prepare him for his life's journey. I loved him completely from the second I lay my eyes upon his sweet face, and he loved me the same. Motherhood is a state of being.......nurturer, teacher, uncondtional, all encompassing. I am embrace it, it humbles me. I am Mother for now and forever, and I feel blessed.

  • I am a mother of four and lost my daughter on Valentines Day I know that being a mother is the best job of all I love to see my kids each and every day and you are your childs first teacher your kids should not be afraid to talk to you about anything and I tell my children thats 10, 8, 2, and 1 I am here for you right or wrong,It can be stressful at times but in the end its all worth it theres nothin that a rather be than a good mom the best mom,I know any mother feels that way. I am also blessed for each one of them love ya Cal, Da-DA-, Chubby. and Lil man 4 life

  • Motherhood is everything to me. My daughter is the greatest gift I have ever recieved, the very best blessing ever bestowed upon me.

    I sacrificed everything to give her life; and she rewards me daily with love, humor and joy.

    Our bond is incredible; we finish each other's sentences, we are aware of each other's feelings even when we are apart.

    She even knows my thoughts at times, whether I send or not.

    I graciously thank the Powers That Be for my baby girl....though she is 12 now, and a baby no longer, but a maturing, lovely young woman....

    Motherhood is everything to me. I would not be the woman, the mother I have become, without my daughter and her love.


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